Contest Schedule

Registration 1st July - 7th July 2019
Blog Writing 8th July - 14th July 2019
Voting Lines Closes 18th July 2019
Result Announcement 20th July 2019

Categories for Blog Writing

Group I : Age Group (15- 18 years) Group II : Age Group (18+ years)
Category I : Entertainment Category I : Emerging Career Options
Category II : Education Category II : Social Media
Category III : Environment Category III : Technology
Category IV : Health & Fitness Category IV : National / International Studies


  1. Choose a category of your choice from the selected group.
  2. Decide the title (i.e. headline) for the chosen category. Title should not be more than 15 words.
  3. Blog should be unique and original.
  4. Minimum word limit is 600 words.
  5. It should be as per the guidelines. The blog written under the mentioned guidelines will be published with your name.
  6. Ask likes for your published blog from your friends, relatives and other known ones by sharing it with them. The winner will be decided on the basis of the highest votes.

For more details and further queries, contact:,    +91 9872178189,   8054637696