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WorkForce- The True Leaders

Role of a Leader is believed to be a significant role in today’s industry. Everyone wants to be a leader and instruct others for completing some of the daily tasks of the organization.

In all this, people forget the importance of the workforce or the employees who work under the leaders.

They are the common workers who help a leader to be a leader. If the common workforce does not exist, there will not be the Leaders.

In most of the industries, no one recognizes the common employees who are indulged in daily activities. Everyone focuses on the Leader only because he is the one who represents everything in front of the management and the customers. While the labors and other hired hands who work under the leader are responsible for most of the tasks or the completion of the operations in the company.


In fact, working persons are the real leaders who support leaders in many ways. These common people can help an organization in many ways like-


1. Fulfill the needs of the challenging Market-

In Today’s era, every market has a challenging environment. To compete with the competitors, the companies require skilled workers who can be helpful in productivity. The quality products can be provided by the skilled workers only, while the leaders just represent that product in the end. If the common workforce is not present, then the only leader cannot do anything. A leader always needs some employees under him to complete all sort of tasks.


2. Complete day-to-day operations-

In routine, many operations are performed in every organization. All these operations can be completed only with the help of the junior employees. Leaders generally prefer doing the high-level tasks which are apart from the basic functionality of the organization. So, to complete the basic functions or the day-to-day operations, there is a necessity of the common workforce or the junior employees only.


3. Company Growth-

Growth of any company depends upon the common employees because they are the only people who are responsible for all the activities of the company. In routine, many new tasks are allotted to the workers, they are completed by the junior workers mostly. The superior people or the leaders just instruct them for the completion of any task. Most of the times, the task is just allotted to the juniors and the leaders just wait for the time when the task is done, so that they can show or present it further to the consumers or to the higher authorities.


4. Responsible for the quality of the services-

The common workers have full responsibility for the quality of the services provided by the association. The companies can gain profit only if the customers get good services from them. The lower level employees have the responsibility of good productivity and the quality of the products or the services provided by the company. They are the only people who have to start working for the services from the very first step. Thus, they have an obligation of maintaining the standard of the resources or the amenities provided by the institution.


5. Hard worker-

Several complex and hard tasks are done by the junior hired hands only. The leader does not perform the complex tasks himself. He divides those tasks among the junior employees and all the junior workers complete those tough tasks and then provide results to the leader. Much hard work is done by the common employees only as the leaders prefer doing smart work and providing the hard work to the labor class.


So, this is all about the importance of the lower class employees. In fact, they are the ones who support a leader to lead them. If the support of the employees is not there, then no leader can be a leader.

It proves that the workforce is the real leader indeed because the workforce is only liable for all the crucial functions of the organization.

If the common workers are not there, any leader or the organization cannot run or gain profit.

So, the companies must help the true leaders (workforce) to show their talent and the organizations must put efforts to keep them happy so that they can be engaged in the services for the betterment of the company.