Why we go for freelancing
  • Mar 3, 2019
  • Gurpreet singh
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Why we go for freelancing

Basically, a freelance job is one where a individual works for themselves, rather than for a company. Even though freelancers do take on contract work for companies and organizations, they are ultimately self-employed


Nowadays freelance work continues to be on the growthing as gradually company owners are realizing the benefits of contracting out employees and more people are realizing the advantages of being a freelancer. According to a recent article from the newspaper The wall street journal in 10 years some of the world’s biggest companies plan to phase out all non-essential roles and will not have any full-time employee roles outside of the top senior executives and any job that is “customer-facing.”

Also freelance career can help increase your chances of success and satisfaction

Typically considered the number one benefit of freelancing over being an employee is the flexibility. Freelancers have the various type of flexible schedules employees often desire, from working in a local coffee shop to working after the kids have gone to bed. This greater level of control can promote a fulfilling work-life balance, making freelancing a worthwhile career option for those willing to essentially turn themselves  into a one-person business.

Secondly one get as many breaks and as much as sleep you want Sleeping well is great help for your overall health. Research shows that taking small breaks or even for 15 to 20 minutes nap can bear concentration and keep energy levels up all day. Even some companies and universities have included this practice and established nap rooms for their employees and students, most desk job workers do not get this type treat. Most are lucky to get two 10- 15 minute breaks and an hour for lunch in a day. As a freelancer, whenever you need a break you can get it. And you can take snoozes whenever you need one. Furthermore You can exercise at ideal times Keeping a workout timetable with a day job can be challenging because you have to squeeze it either after or before work. As a freelancer you can exercise whenever you get time or even in the middle of the day and it turns out working in afternoon comes with a lot of benefits. Not for this also You avoid the long travel Most freelancers never have to leave home to work, which is great for time management, and even better for health. One study found that a 10-mile commute by own car can lead to higher blood sugar and enlarged cholesterol. Another study found that people who shuttle by bus for 30 minutes have the lowest levels of life satisfaction. The effects of a long distance  even affect cyclists. Picking to be a freelancer means you can work from home and reduce your travel to zero. Which help to save time as well as money also or even you are protecting environment.




However on the other side there are some drawback’s which are difficult to neglect. First of all Isolation Working from home can be isolating the person from society. As a freelancer without employees, you have no communication with management and other employees. Networking, contribution in professional associations and social media can help little to release the isolation up to some extend. Further As an independent service provider, you do not receive company provided benefits such as vacation pay, health insurance, other common bonuses. Moreover if you are self-employed, paid sick time is non-existent. You must develop a standby plan for times when you are unapproachable to assist your clients or meet deadlines due to sickness, personal emergencies or vacations. At last the income of freelancing will be irregular because your unlike a regular 9 - 5 job, your income as a freelancer will depend completely on the quantity of work you do.

Gurpreet singh