What is a blog????
  • Mar 3, 2019
  • Iqbalpreet Kaur Sidhu
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What is a blog????

I read about a blogging competition and wanted to participate in that. But I was confused about how to choose the topic and what to write. So I discussed with some of my friends. But surprisingly, they were not aware of blog writing and asked me what a blog is? Is it article writing or research report or anything else?

One friend of mine misunderstood that only an expert writer can write it and one said that I am still trying to understand the actual meaning of the blog and one understood it as only a description of new invention or technology.

That’s how I got my topic to write for the competition. So, my topic is “what is a blog”. In the reference of my topic,  I had a talk with some people and collected their queries about the blogs and try to give answers to their questions.

Here I had written the questions and their answers. The first question is if I am posting some written material on a blogging site, is it a blog post? Sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not. If the thing you are posting belongs to you means that is your own writing which has some sense, then it can be a blog. But if you are copying that content which some other person has posted already or has the ownership of that content, then it can’t be considered as a blog.

The second question is if I am posting my poetry or my photography collection with some brief, is it considered as a blog post? It depends upon the organizers of the event. You can take a shot by posting it or use the helpline numbers given on that blogging website.

The third question is about the language used for blog writing. Should I write the blog post in formal or informal language? It depends only upon you. A blog can be of any type: formal or informal.

The fourth question is that always 600 is the minimum blog limit? In this competition, the minimum word limit is 600, but it is not the standard limit. It can vary according to different blogging sites which provide you a platform to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, expressions, and knowledge with a lot of people who are interested in the area of your writing. But generally, blogs written in less than 1000 words are considered as short blogs, in 1000-2000 words as medium articles and in more than 2000 words as in-depth articles.

The fifth question is why blogging become so popular nowadays? For normal users like us it is the best way to express creatively but for digital marketing, the scenario is totally different. The unique content on your site is the best way to promote your site or make money through advertisements. The blog is the best possible method to showcase the unique content. So, someone can also opt for blog writing as his/her profession to get name and fame. 

The next question is who will review my blog? Firstly there is some software or app or plugin deployed who checks for the abusive or offensive vocabulary, the minimum word limit, plagiarism, and grammar, then the team of experts is deployed for the review of the blog. Only the accepted blogs are published on the respective category of the blogs section of the blogging platform.

So here I end up the queries and answers. To understand the blog more precisely the definition of a blog is “The blog (Short form of Weblog) is a platform where a writer can share his/her views on any subject.” The posts published on the blogging site are in LIFO (Last in First Out) format means the latest blog is always on the top usually.

Hope this blog may help the others to understand about the blogs.

Iqbalpreet Kaur Sidhu