The Unsolved and Unanswered Question-WHY ME?
  • Mar 3, 2019
  • Damanpreet Singh
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The Unsolved and Unanswered Question-WHY ME?


                                                                         THE UNSOLVED AND UNNSWERED QUESTSION

                                                                                                         WHY ME?

I was born I don’t know why? I played I don’t know why? I grew up and I joined school I don’t know why? I went for graduation I don’t know why? I further continued to complete Master’s  degree I don’t know why? I joined a company and became a working professional I don’t know why? I married I don’t know why? I am still continuing I don’t know W..?

Now this series of life events looks good but I asked myself a Question between birth  to death if any anything happens wrong with me , why only me ? But no reply

I grew up in a nuclear middle class family and I saw my other friends who belonged  to  upper class then why me in a middle class? They lived luxurious life but I adjusted my self  with no big dreams but why me? I joined University and used local bus for travelling  but others were having their 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler to commute but then why me on bus?

My social groups used BARISTA for gossip and spent good money but I was happy with Masala tea at BABA TEA STALL but then why me not with BARISTA?

I am not saying my demands are more, I just want to know why things are good to all the people  but when it comes to me either things become bad or things don’t  exist then I ask why me? I think this question is in the head of all of us? Why me? But we are unable to solve and answer this question.

We do  job in a place, we get blamed , we get humiliated , we get depressed , we get demotivated but however we allow people  to do these activities on us and then we stand in front of mirror asking the same question again . WHY me? I was never bad , I didn’t get involve in bad things , I am loyal to my work , I obey my seniors but in the end I face depression  , I got demotivated , I lose hope , I became short tempered and others are happy but WHY Me?

This word “I”is the most depressing word , I want this , I want that , I want car , I want big house, I want this life partner  , my I Pad , my I POD , My I Phone , I , I , I and I . I ask god one day that things are going wrong with me   he didn’t replied to me , he replied to other people who came in big cars but WHY NOT TO ME?

I always wanted to be a movie star ,further  to be  declared as best Actor in Comic Roles and I tried my best for that but I didn’t achieve it because of not having good face and financial constraints however whenever I saw Nana Patekar , Johny Lever , Paresh Rawal , Nawaz Siddique, and Karamjit Anmol , I always feel at least I am better then these in terms of personality but in reality they are stars but WHY ME?


I wrote something from my heart to be posted on website to compete with other contenders but my story was rejected but others selected and please give me the answer WHY ME? I have now realize  one thing this rejections and all wrongness is because its not  WHY ME it’s because I allow others to TRY ME ?  Fingers on my lips , dancing like humpty Dumpty , behaving like Baba Black sheep , always nodding to them , obeying them , listening them , following them  is the cause  of WHY ME? I don’t have any personal revenge , any personal issues , any personal problems with any one but then WHY ME ? to be blamed and shamed . No no leave this WHY ME? Now I always chat with God Mercy please TRY ME but in return I want respect and to be respected which I deserve.



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Damanpreet Singh