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The Soulful Music

If you want pleasure, go for music. 

If you want calmness ,go for music.

If you want satisfaction go for music.

Music a free shop of satisfaction, calmness, pleasure. Since centuries people love music, they might have a different taste or style of music but they got the same feelings from music that our current generation is getting, i.e. fun, love and more. Music a feel which can take anybody to history, to another planet, to another century, wherever he want to go. Music can make people forget their sorrows, pain in a matter of seconds. Even the scientific research says that a person feel much less pain while listening to music. Music he something that can not actually be explained in words but still I would like to try doing so.

Music an emotion.

music could be an emotion as a person listning to it can completly lost in it. There are some songs that can completely make anybody emotional i.e.

'ye daulat bhi lelo, ye shohrat bhi lelo,

magar mujko lauta do bachpan ka sawan,

wo kagaz ki kashti vo barish ka pani'.

(Take this money back, take this reputation back,

But give back my childhood,

The ship of a paper and the rain drops of my childhood.)

After listening to this song anyone can get emotional and may eve remember a lot of memories of his childhood. There are thousands of songs like this in world, in different languages there are different songs with same feelings.

Music a feel.

Music is also a feeling which someone feels. A sweet music can give you a feel of a great love and pleasure i.e.

'Ve channa teri chanani da mainu mithda lage parshavan,

J kite mera bass chalya tenu dil de ambar te sajavan..'

(I like the sweetness of your light, my moon my love,

I want you to shine in the sky of my heart, my love my moon.)

Music A showoff?

Music A showoff is a title given for the way our current generation is playing music. They are playing the music on so high volume that it can be heard by a person stranding kilometres away which is obviously not a good way to listen music. The scientists have also proved this thing that the real way to enjoy music is to listen it on low volume because on low volume a person can understand the actual message of song and can get the real feel of song. 

The loud music is harmfull for the ears and can even mentally disturb the listeners which is not at all the aim of music. The music is made for pleasure and satisfaction which can be got by listining music on a pleasing volume.

Musical Instruments 

To make a music more special the musicians play a number of instruments for different purposes i.e. Guitar, Violin, Piano, saxophone, trumpet, cellos, flutes, drum etc. 

Music is also not an easy task to complete as it need a very deep knowledge and practise to be a good singer. It needs the practise and hardwork of years. For a good music firstly one need to write very good lyrics than musicians give that lyrics some specific tones and than comes a good soulfull singer who sings that lyrics and make it a special song. And than in the end it hit the the hearts of listeners deeply.

In the end I want to say that a good music needs good listener to be completed as the aim of the music can only be fullfiled if it makess an impact on someone's life and thinking.