The Secret of Abundant Information: Social Media
  • Mar 3, 2019
  • Ruchi bansal
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The Secret of Abundant Information: Social Media

The Secret of Abundant Information: Social Media

Social media is one of the hottest topics to be discussed. It can be defined in two words ‘share’ and ‘like’. It is a computer based technology which allows exchanging personal information, ideas and other content like videos, images, etc. with billions of people in a second. It all started with chatting with friends and relatives but soon became a powerful tool for the business people. The ability to share photos, opinions, content has changed our lives a lot and people who use social media for their business can prove to be a boon for them. There are number of social networking sites. To name a few Facebook, twitter, linkedln, Instagram, youtube, pinterest, google+ are on the top list. It helps to create and share the information, ideas efficiently. Networking sites can be accessed on smart phones or desktops and laptops. Web based technologies are available through which users can share their personal information or can share content which is already available. One can comment on the photos, blogs, videos, images posted by others. Also social media demands a lot of care, respect and attention if misused it can lead to many harmful effects.

       Features of Social Media:

  • Interactive and Web based technology.

  • Content is made by the users of the internet. 

  • Free Web space is provided by networking sites so one doesn’t need to own the servers. 

  • Users are given a unique web address to recognize their identity.

  • Encourages to build user profiles which can allow to connect friends and family and also with people who share similar interests. 

  • Allows real time chats. 

  • Networking sites provides tagging notifications. For example facebook allows tagging people, even recognizing people for tagging. If one is tagged by the other notifications are sent through email or in-site. 

  • Messaging facility allows sending personal messages to each other.

  • Content can be shared, viewed and updated in real time.

  • Allows commenting on the posts by others which allows connectivity and engagement.

Pros and Cons of Social Media:

       Pros of social media:

  • The first and the foremost benefit of social media is people across the world can be connected to each other to share and learn things from each other.

  • Problems of any type can be solved taking help from the community.

  • One can educate him/her through many online sites available without paying even.

  • Today is the time to keep one updated about the world and social media helps in the same.

  • It is an effective tool for marketing. If used properly it can help to expand one’s business and increase his revenue.

  • Donation for noble cause can be procured for the needy ones.

  • It helps to create awareness among the people about the latest happenings and increasing technologies.

As like every coin have two sides. So social media has negative effects as well.

       Cons of Social Media:

  • Cyber harassment is one of the major disadvantages of social media. Through internet one can create a fake account and bully anyone by writing wrong comments about anyone. It can even sometimes lead to unlawful behaviour.

  • One needs to be active all the time. If you are not active you will be out of the track.

  • Hacking proves to be very dangerous. Personal information and content can be stolen by  anyone if hacked and can even lead to financial losses.

  • Youngsters get addicted to internet instead of studying they waste their time on social media which otherwise they can use in some constructive work.

  • Business can result in monetary losses if some negative information is spread over the internet also hampering the reputation.

  • It can lead to many health issues instead to exercising we get lazy and keep ourselves busy in accessing these networking sites.

  • It can even lead to deaths. Children try to copy the stunts performed by the professionals which can prove to be fatal.

  • Youngsters get prone to drugs and alcohol imitating others.

  • People cheat each other and spoil their relationships which can prove to very serious.

Ruchi bansal