• Mar 14, 2019
  • Damanpreet Singh
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Today , we all are well aware of cleaniness , hygine and other resources which makes your life more healthy , wealthy and wise. When we wear clothes , we want them to be neat and clean -well washed , no dirt -so that we can wear them in our daily life to feel fresh and look smart. But what we wear needs to be proper Ironed and the person responsible for it the "THE PRESS MAN". He is not only Ironing your clothes , he is  aslo responsible for your smartness and to look Gentemen.The person behind your well dressed is the "THE PRESS MAN".

There is no such qualification required for this profession only you need to have a flat Iron traditionally used with charcoal and now in mordern days we all know Electric Iron. These people they are so much dedicated to their work that for the whole day they keep themselves busy to make us Gentlemen.They just have a small cart with Irons and water sprayer to take out the wrinkles from  your shirts and other clothes which further makes you feel comfortable , smart and more presentable. We all get oppurtunities in life to Grow however we always forget to thanks a single person who is responsible for it , from your school white shirt to your old Kurta Pajama "THE PRESS MAN" gives the finishing touch.

These people they have a good stories from their past , some have ran away from their houses to do something , some are continuing their family work and some take it as a Business. But whatever backgrounds they have, all of them are working hard everday and night. We all want our clothes to be well pressed with shinning collars so that when we walk on the streets and people should have that idea in mind from where he gets his good clothes. Thanks to the good work done by "THE PRESS MAN".

Now a days every area in the city is having 1 or 2 press man in their vicinity and these press man's have an agreement with the society that they will wash and Iron the clothes of all the houses no matter how big or small they are . Then comes the burning coal which is filled in the Iron machine to generate heat which further assist the press man to clear all the wrinkles and folds from your clothes. Then the session of bargaining comes into action and finally welcome to the house of "THE PRESS MAN".

Some people in our life deserve more appreciations and "THE PRESS MAN" is one of them. They wake up early in the morning and continues the same work of making you Gentlemen till midnight. Sometimes they even work in rainy days inside their homes because they all know the importance of your clothes and which we need to wear it everyday. Some of them are having shops for Electric ironing and some are happy with their shop on wheels with Traditional Irons but all are under one profession. 

Most of the time we chit chat with them, we discuss many things of our life , we discucss politics with them , we talk about our personal issues with them but they don't feel offended rather they feel happy in discussions becuase this is what they want, to be comfortable and familiar. These people have made a junction of conversation where people of all the ages discuss issues early morning and read newspapers with them which is the everyday process of human being.

                                     THE PRESSMAN -the guy who makes you Gentlemen day by day everyday.

                            OYE DHOBI ..... KAPRE PRESS HO GYE KI NAI...... HAHAHAH NATIONAL SLOGAN 


Damanpreet Singh