The Happiest Moment Ever
  • Mar 28, 2019
  • Ujjvaldeep Kaur
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The Happiest Moment Ever

In our life, there are many moments. Some of them are happy and the others are sad. But, today I am going to share the happiest and the most important moment of my life . This is all about a situation for which I was waiting for a long time. I will always remember this time because it is unforgetable for me.

On March 21, 2017, my sweet nephew was born.No one knew that this was going to happen on that day only. Everyone was at home while I was studying at my school that day. My Sister-in-law and brother went to the doctor for a regular check up and after reaching there, they found that the baby was going to be born on the same day.

My brother and sister in law stayed at the hospital and when I returned to home, then my elder brother broke this news to me. I was very excited to go to the hospital and my brother told me that even he is planning to go to the hospital. I changed my clothes immediately.I was in hurry to go to the hospital to see my sister in law and her baby. Then, my brother and I rushed to the hospital and was excited to see the baby, but the baby was not born yet. My sister in law was in operation theatre at that time. I waited there for a long time. At 4:46 pm, the wait was over.

I heard the cry of the baby. Oh, it was a baby boy. We all were expecting a girl, but even having a baby boy in our family was a bliss. Listening to the news of having a baby boy, everyone became happy. But, the doctor told my brother that the baby was bit weak than other normal babies. We got tensed after listening to this. Therefore, the baby was shifted to another hospital to get proper treatment. There, the doctors found that nothing was wrong and everything was okay because the baby was crying and moving just as the other normal children. I felt relief as if everything was alright. We returned to home and were talking about the baby. He seemed to be very innocent and the cute creature of God.

We kept his name "Mansehaj". Now, I call him Sehji as well. At that time, my sister in law and her baby stayed at hospital for another 4 to 5 days. I wanted to stay with the baby for most of the time. I just kept on looking at his movements. I admired his every activity like the way he opened his eyes, moved his legs, arms, his every cry, and every smile.I noticed everything. I used to stay in the hospital for whole day. In morning, I used to go to the hospital and at night, I came back to the home. I was very excited to know that when they will get discharge and I kept asking the questions to my mother about Mansehaj. And finally, the day came when they got discharged.

I returned to home from hospital early on that day because I wanted to do some preparations for welcoming my nephew at home. I decorated his room with balloons and flowers. I cleaned his room and kept sanitizer and other imporatant things there. For this, I took help of my brother and parents. I just wanted him to feel comfortable at home.I also took gis first foot prints. I have captured his first bath, first smile, first massage and everything else in my camera. We have also preserved his first clothes. After that, I was just waiting for his first birthday. We organized a special function in which there was "Sehaj Path" before 7 days of his birthday and on 21st March, there was cake cutting ceremony and at night, there was a dance party which I really enjoyed alot.

I taught him to speak, sit, shake hand and how to walk. I kept showing him poems on the phone to teach him, and I taught him about the colors and many other things. In my free time, I just sit like a photographer and take his photos always  Now, he is 2 years old, and he is able to speak my name and many other things. He keeps speaking to me about the colors and eveything I taught him. He is attached to me and I am also attached to him. I keep talking about him to my friends and my mother. I really love him very much and I know he also loves me alot. May God give him a long and happy life.

So, this is all about the happiest time of my life.


Ujjvaldeep Kaur