The Forgotten Aim of Sports
  • Feb 13, 2019
  • Hardeep Singh
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The Forgotten Aim of Sports

Sports. What comes in your mind just after reading or listening the word sports? A specific game or a play that you might have played in your past, or want to play now or you ever want to play in future. But one thing that you have missed to notice is that your mind got filled with a special energy by just thinking about that game and that's what the Aim of Sports is. Sports make you feel energetic even if you are tired, it makes you fresh even if you are wet in sweat, It's the magic of sports and you will definitely feel these words if you have ever played a game in your life and I also believe that everybody has played some games in life that they love so, feel that energy that you just got by that idea of playing.

The planet earth is so large carrying an uncountable number of things but can you tell me a thing which has no negative impact? 

Yes! It is sports.

Sports make us physically fit, mentally strong, teach us leadership skills, reduce stress and a prolonged life? Have you ever thought about these benifits before, Yeah i know your answer is going to be yes for sure but my next question is even after knowing these benifits how many of you had started to give time to sports? A few or very few? That's what we are missing guys. Let's try these things for at least a month to just check if sports are really benificial and I'm damn sure that nobody will leave that habit of giving sports an extra hour. I don't want to talk here about the benefits of sports that everybody knows, i want to discuss the reasons that even after knowing so many benifits of sports why are we still not giving preference to sports so Let's talk about some more important things about sports.

Things that we don't understand about sports

In today's busy world we don't actually understand the sports at all. Because we all are so busy with our daily routines that we have started to think that sports will consume an hour from our daily life but we need to understand the point that this one hour will help us to perform much better for the next 10-12 hours by keeping our mind fresh.

Importance of sports in Modern World

In this modern era where more than 50% work is done by using machines and computers, sports become more important. In earlier days people used to work physically more than mentally because of which they required lesser exercises and sports but in today's world where people work more mentally than physically,  like a bank employee sit in front of computer for whole day, an IT engineer does his job by sitting in front of computer, a doctor check his patients in the form of digital reports and even students study on their smartphones, the question arises that when do they exercise to stay healthy and than the sad answer comes that they are not healthy actually. A lot of people are suffering from several kind of illnesses which can be cured with the help of sports and exercises. So exercise becomes more important which can be inculcated in the form of games or sports in an enjoyable way.

Let's remember that moment again..

I hope the above line hit your mind bit deeply and remind you that moment when you were playing and missed an opportunity. This opportunity may be anything, different for differnt persons, i.e. a cricket player want to score a hundred, a kho-kho player want to run again in front of chasers, a kabaddi player want to catch a raider, a badminton player want to win a set again, a volleyball player want to smash a ball again, a football player want to score a goal again, or a player just want to play a game that he always wanted to play so that it gives you the motivation and mental force to start sports again which is benificial in every aspect. As sports is the only thing on this planet with no disadvantage.

Hardeep Singh