• Jun 8, 2019
  • Damanjot Singh
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There is a great importance of games in our life. The role of games and sports in physical,

mental, social as well as spiritual well –begin of an individual is indisputable. There is saying

that “a healthy body has a healthy mind”. Games and sports are highly necessary for both young

and old.

First and foremost games are the part and parcel of our life. They teach us many good qualities

for example – if a sportsman hit by a ball other just run towards him to help. So a quality of

helping other people is developed. Secondly games teach us co-operation, devotion, discipline,

patience concentration. Moreover sports make us not only physically fit but mentally alert also.

Apart from it, sports develop team spirit and leadership qualities in the people. In today’s world

of hectic activities, games are of a great importance. Nextly in these days indoor games are very

popular. For instance people especially youngsters and children like to play these games like

video games, pub g and so on. But outdoor games teach us more and keep a person physically fit

and fine. There are so many benefits of sports. To illustrate when we take exercise or play any

sports. It increases our circulatory system and improves our digestive system. Moreover calories

also burn so in this way, obesity reduces.

Besides it, today’s life is full of hectic activities and one needs physical exertion which can be

possible only throughout games. The sports provide freshness to the mind and the body.

Furthermore, there are different types of sports like cricket, hockey, volleyball, football etc.

For instance if a person wants to become a lawyer, a doctor, a politician and so on, He or she

should be physically or mentally sound as well as strong.

Moving ahead, it’s rightly said “the earlier, the better”. Children between the ages of eight to ten

should be encouraged to play a game of their own choice. This is the age when a child has a

flexible body and wish to start the sport with full excitement. With the passage of time a child

gets better and better. There are so many sports persons like Sachin Tendulkar, Milkha Singh , P

T Usha, Saniya Mirza who played well for our country and shine the name of our country India.

These are role models of many people as well.

These days the popular sports are cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, tennis, swimming.

Each sports has its own value. In the above paragraph, as I earlier written that sports open the

door for people to achieve their goals and get name and fame by it. By getting name and fame,

some sportspersons are appearing in advertisements and people follow them.

Furthermore, sports keep a person punctual, develop leadership, quality and co-operation. Sports

prevent us from disease like blood pressure, heart disease, got, indigestion problem and so on. So

in this way, sports are also medically useful for people. Even when we watch and play any sport,

we forget all our worries and anxieties. They enable us to divert our mined from tensions and


One cannot deny the fact that adults are more prone to stress because of hectic works they do.

Thus engaging in some games and sports help them unwind themselves from the hassles of daily


In a nutshell, the government should provide money and infrastructure to the school. The subject

of physical education is taught in school. School-level competitions are held. But more attention

should be paid to the sports and game. So for all the above benefits, sports play a crucial, a

significant role in our life. From the above discussion, it becomes evident that both growing and

the grown-up are in need of games and sports.

Damanjot Singh