• Jun 10, 2019
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Well, it's first time I am writing a blog. Before writing I did some research to understand what blogging actually is? So it is  simple as talking even then I was under stress what if it is not liked by people , what people gonna say and all that. Well that is the very point. Stress, sounds familiar huh. We are the ones who gave birth to this evil. Now we are living in a world where everyone is running for something. Someone wants to be famous, someone want love, someone wants to be rich so yes we all are running for one thing or two.Even I am running behind success because I want to be successful. So in this race of desires, needs or wants we are neglecting our mental health somewhere behind. Yes this is the reality of the today's world we are under continuous stress more than ever and we don't know how to cope with it. So of us are regular victims of stress even I am and I don't know how to handle it some times I get anxious and feel depressed. Many of you guys face the same thing too , for sure. But where are we going with all of this. Let me tell you one thing we are paving our ways towards depression . So the question arises why we are under stress. There are a lot of reasons like not performing good in studies, work load, bad relations, social media and many more reasons. But in my opinion the major reason is overthinking before any other reason.  Because overthinking causes stress. Now the question arises what happens when we are under stress?well if the stress is minor it doesn't effect anything much.But if it's major stress then it depends on how we deal with it. Because I have seen some people work better under stress and some people ruin everything under stress.You wanna know how? Here I share my experience. In 2017 I was preparing myself for the Gate exam. I was working hard to get good marks. But when the day arrived I got nervous ,. I was under stress .When I entered the exam room I blanked out. I forgot everything the formulas , the concepts and everything. I was literally crying. So I didn't clear the exam. It was a shock for me. My stress ruined everything. It's effects everything our health, our relationship, work and many more things.So what to do about this evil? Stop thinking too much you will be fine. I know it is easy to say but when real situation comes stress is difficult to avoid. But I know an easy way, you wanna know what it is? To take everything in a positive way whether it is good or bad. It can reduce our stress to some extent I am applying this to myself. You can too fight with this evil by thinking positively.