Stealing a Blog
  • Feb 21, 2019
  • Iqbalpreet Kaur Sidhu
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Stealing a Blog

Firstly I want to share a short story of my friend X who is not a very good writer but is upset with someone who is an excellent writer according to him. Now, you may think X has stolen someone’s writing that’s why I am writing this blog, but it is not like that. He is a very hard working person and always does all his work with full dedication and perfection. As we know work rewards more work, so same here, he is surrounded by the lots of work all the time.

Like always, once his senior authority assigned him a task. A topic was being given to him and he was asked to explore the same and after that write two pages easy on it. Being habitual to work hard, he did the same. He explored many books, blogs on the internet and in a short span of time he wrote two pages on it which is appreciated by all. Actually, X is the victim here as his short piece of writing which he had done for some senior authority is posted on a blogging site by his colleague and won the competition.

What should he do now? Should he have to confront him/her for this or need to complain to his senior authority? If he will confront him/her, that person will feel guilty and X doesn’t want that. And If X will complain to his senior authority, then that person may be insulted for doing so and X doesn’t want that too. In both of the cases, X doesn’t want to hurt him/her. In spite of what that person has done with X, he always thinks good for him/her.

After taking a quick thought on X’s situation, I have decided to write about it, so that others will not be the victim of innocent faces around them. Moreover, I also believe that it will give some mental peace to my friend.

In school when we prepare well for the test and a student cheated from our test sheet and got better marks, what do we feel? 

When we work in a group and work harder than all others in that group but others got the total credit, how do we feel?

 When a company works on a product, but the same product is launched by the other company with the help of spy upon us, what does the company feel?

Bad….Really very bad!

I am sure; my friend has the same feeling when he read his post with other’s name. 

Story finished!

Now you expect the moral of the story. The moral of the story is if you share your feelings with others in a creative way, this can give you mental peace and satisfaction.

Maybe some people will feel that it is a funny blog and I am not a very good writer at all. No doubt I am a diary writer, but when I saw my friend’s blog stood first on a blogging site, although he is not a very good writer, this gave me a kick to write for this competition and I believe I can also be the winner. Well…I am a positive thinker as my blood group is B positive. Ha ha ha! 

This piece of writing is now moving towards a light situation. I am feeling good after writing it because it is a way to express my discontent with the two-faced people who represent themselves as your well-wisher, but deep inside they always use you as a stairway to success. So in the end, I would like to thank that person to motivate me to write this. Here I am not talking about X, but about the other person…..ha ha ha!

Iqbalpreet Kaur Sidhu