• Mar 3, 2019
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Social Media’s Impact On Relationships And Self-Esteem

Social media is becoming common part of everyday life. Many social media sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter and instagram etc support new interpersonal interaction methods. Social media users can read online 'posts'  of their friends without interacting with those friends. This is vastly different to traditional face-to-face communication. Social media systems affect the way people work, learn, and live .The power of social media systems arises from the impact they have on relationships.Whether in friendship and dating relationships and work relationships, social media use shapes and is shaped by how individuals see their relationships, who they have relationships with, and how those relationships are formed, maintained, and ended.Instead of spending time with each other, the partners are constantly busy on to the social media to know what is going on in the lives of other peoples. This can cause a problem in the relationship, as communication is very important to maintain a relationship. It is important that you spend time with your close ones and minimise the time you spend on the internet. The biggest threat social media poses to a relationship is that credibility of a person cannot be gauged on a social media site. This can make people create fake profile, post fake information about themselves, manipulate facts and exaggerate the truth. Developing relationship with such individuals has own risks as these people can take advantage of others.This make people create fake profiles, post fake information about themselves, manipulate facts and exaggerate the truth. Relationship with such individuals has it own risks as these people can take undue advantage of others. Relationships developon social media tend to be casual and this can lead to emotional and heartburn in case you trust someone blindly. It has also been observed it is easy for individuals to indulge in confrontation on social media as compared to face-to-face confrontation.

These were some ways in which social media can affect a relationship. Technology is here to stay and one cannot blame  for our lack of understanding.Someone has right said that we need to fall in place with technology rather than it falling in place with us. It is necessary that we put technology to good use as it can really enhance the quality of our lives