• Feb 13, 2019
  • Hardeep Singh
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Social Media An Overused Medicine

Social Media, firstly invented in 20th century, 1997 to be exact, when a website named 'Six Degrees' was announced, having purpose to combine people, lower the distance between them and to increase the communication between our loving ones using some specific number of messages. Then came some more websites i.e. MySpace, Linkedin, Flicker, etc. But in 2005 a new player of social media named Facbook enterd into the market and captured the whole social media as it came up with a lot of features like messaging, photo/video uploading, calling etc which people happily accepted.

But the question of the hour is that is it really doing so for which it was being invented originally. The answer will be a big 'No'. I have a number of reasons to justify my answer first being that the purpose was to increase communication between people, but how many of us are actually doing a quality communication with each other on social websites? (I hope your mind gives you an honest answer to this question). People are usually posting photos and videos on daily bases which actually doesn't have a great significance exept getting some likes and comments to get a temporary happiness for a few minutes on their faces.

2nd big reason behind the above mention 'No' is Addiction of social media. Teenagers get addicted to social media very easily which is ultimately cutting them of from the society. They are wasting a lot of time on social media which can actually be used in some other beneficial activities.

3rd main issue with the social media is personal privacy people usually post all of their information on these websites which can be accessed by some hackers and frauds, resulting in financial and some other losses. A number of cases has came to security agencies which are proving social media to be a very vulnerable thing. 

Another big problem created by social media is Health issues as people spend a lot of time on social media which is ultimately eating up their time which can be used for physical activities and games. Nowdays people are more busy with their smartphones than doing the exercises, which is creating health issues and ultimately inviting several illnesses. 

One of the most scary part of social media is advertising and marketing. A large number of companies nowdays are using social media to advertise their products which is productive but the problem is that their are also the advertisement of drugs on these websites i.e. liquor, chemical drugs etc. Young generation gets attracted to these things easily which is obviously not going to help anyone.

There are another lot of issues which could be mentioned in this blog such as cyberbulling, cheating and relationship issues, harassment, mental stress which are also being caused by the overuse of social media. 

The reason of mentioning these demerits of social media is not to degrade the importance of social media or anything else, as social media is also an important part of today's life which is helping us to do instant communication, to get real time updates and news, opportunities for business. The point is to just give a message to the social media users and readers of this blog that use social media for sure but also be carefull about the the problems that you can face due to unnecessary use of social media websites as these websites just take a few seconds to ruin someone's whole life. 

Once a wise man said, " excess of everything is bad" So I named this blog 'Social Media An Overused Medicine' because in its initial face social media was actually working like a medicine which was helping people to get together, to communicate, to share there love with each other but with the new features and excess use of this medicine (social media) people got addicted to it and have forgotten their basic duties towards their famileis and friends. So here I would like to give a message to all the readers that USE SOCIAL MEDIA BUT WISELY.

Hardeep Singh