• Feb 14, 2019
  • Leeza Sharma
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SOCIAL MEDIA: A key to make and break lives

Social media is a term which is very much popular among each and every individual. It is online communication method to interact with other people living in society irrespective of age, gender, location etc. Social media includes many online applications which give simple and easy graphical user interface to people so that people of any age can understand and make use of applications to connect to outer world. We can also say that social media revolutionized the way people communicate earlier.

Owners of Applications allow users to not only send text messages but also many more features like video calling, image sharing, video sharing, attractive emojis, gifs etc which make users more excited to use these type of applications.

As someone rightly said “Shadow and Light are two sides of same coin… One cannot exist without the other”. In the same way Social Media has both pros and cons depending upon how users make use of it.

We can start with the positive side of social media which helps people in different ways. People can connect with their near and dear ones through these applications. These allow users to share their memories among each other. Social media helps many businesses to do marketing online. They can share the information about their organization or any work easily and free of cost and that too among large masses of people.

\Some public oriented applications like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allow people to discuss any public matter freely and give their opinion without any hesitation. Social media also gives chance to news channels to access applications and provide news online that are easily accessible by all users. One of the applications is YOUTUBE, which is very popular among all people. It also allows users to earn money through uploading videos with different content. Based on users like and views, it helps individuals to get money besides showing their talent.

The basic and most significant requirement to use social media is INTERNET, which is now a day’s not a big problem. So, when internet is available 24*7, then all Real time updations are available online to us very frequently. Moreover, For Entertainment purpose, it is most commonly used thing by people of all age groups.

Coming to other side of coin that is disadvantages or cons of Social media, it affects daily routine of people a lot and negatively affect their lives mainly youngsters which should not be acceptable thing for any nation. As technology should be used more for the development of nation rather than deterioration. Children of small age group are addicted to smart phones for watching different videos and playing games. Outdoor games are diminishing day by day as young generation spend more time on social media and also they are not utilizing the technology. They are mostly making use of it for wrong practices or playing games. It is not only meant for these things but for utilizing it for their betterment and help in different aspects of life.

Some application owners are using applications for data collection illegally. Users are not aware of these things that how much personal data they are giving to companies every second that includes their text messages, Phone calls, images, Location and all other useful information.

As companies use location data to send advertisements of different restaurants or notification about sale and that too when you are near to that restaurant or shopping mall. These all types of practices are only done by collecting data of users without intimating the user. Today almost all applications take access of the device before installing the application on smart phone. So, we have to be aware of it and should read the privacy policy first and then agree to the terms and conditions before installing the applications.

Social media sometimes completely destroys the life of people by sharing wrong video or images on different platforms without indicating the user and their consent. Online bullying is also a big issue in social media as everyone has right to write anything on anyone’s post. So, some people mentally harass other individuals and affect their lives to a large extent. Hacking of different accounts is also a big problem in social media, which also influence people very negatively.

We can say that it all depends on individual that how any technology or anything else should be used, whether it should be utilized or make use of it for bad practices. We have to take advantage of these types of platforms and effectively use it for betterment of life.

Leeza Sharma