• Feb 14, 2019
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SOCIAL MEDIA: A boon or a bane

Social media is a website or interactive web 2.0 internet based technologies that helps an individual to create or share the contents related to career interests or opinions and other forms of expression in a social networking. It has various features like text posts or comments, images or videos called as user generated content as it is the blood of social media. User can also create profiles for the app that are designed or maintained by the social media organization. It also develops online social networks by connecting user’s profile with other groups or individuals.

We can access to these services on laptops, desktops, smart phones or tablets. As we are engaged with electronic devices, thus highly interactive platform is created in which we can discuss, co-create, share the information with communities, organizations or even individuals. This social media is very much different from paper based media such as magazines, newspapers and traditional electronic media such as TV broadcasting in numerous ways like frequency, quality, interactivity, usability and performance. Social media is dialogic type of  transmission system in which communication is done by many sources to many receivers. Traditional media operates on monologic transmission model which means one source to many receivers e.g. newspaper which is delivered to many subscribers. Some of the popular social media websites are Facebook, YouTubeWeChatInstagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapshot, Viber, pinterest etc in which 100 million users are registered.

Although it has many positive impacts yet it also has much negative impact on users. It can help an individual to connect with real communities and a effective communication tool for entrepreneurs, corporations, political parties and government etc. Concerns are given to excessive usage of these sites and depression and various issues regarding cyberbullying, trolling, online harassment. Half of the youngsters have been cyberbullied. Survey of U.S. said that it is worse if we compare it with face to face bullying. There are various aspects of bullying such as duration, intensity which negatively affects the individual.

Today’s social media generates many problems such as anxiety which causes a person psychological distress and also affecting person’s mood. It also causes poor mental health. Fear of missing out (FOMO)is a phenomenon of scaring of missing out on a positive experience or emotions that someone else is getting. The more you use the social media, the we are likely to have this FOMO. Because we will compare our life with others. Social media forms unrealistic expectations of life and friendship. Most common sites that do it most are facebook, instagram, snapchat. These lacks in authenticity. Body Image is the main issue of  many people. It will make us to wear that expensive clothes like them which may be not suitable for us or in our society. Unhealthy sleep patterns is the one of the main today’s discussion topic. By spending too much time on social media, it can affect our sleep hours or its quality and lead to poor sleep. If our sleep patterns become irregular then it also affect the productivity of the day. This social media addiction can be more harmful than cigarette or alcohols. E.g. We cannot spend our full day without checking its notifications.

Social media cannot be quitted but it can be detox. Because social media has negative as well as positive impact in our life so deleting each accounts from various social media site is not possible but we can detox it every once in a while instead.

Social media is boon or bane for the individual or society, it purely depends upon how you use it. If you use it positively by spending your time positively and get fantastic returns then it’s a boon for you. If you waste your whole time in social media and get distress or anxiety then definitely it’s a bane for you.