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Social media

Definition of the social media:-


Social media is a website which allows social interaction. social media is growing day by day throughout the world.more of the people are using social media sites which are named as whatsapp,facebook,snapchat,twitter,instagram etc. We are using these social media sites to talk with friendss ,family and realtives.

The social media is one which has changed the all over world in many ways. it affects all the users who are using these social media sites.

Social media is a tool which is 

Very helpful to change  any person's life. at the same time social media has various good impacts as well as bad impacts.

Social media is a two way communication which means that we will send or receive a message .a message may be any picture,any video or any link.

Positive impacts of the social media:-

there are some good impacts of social media which are as following -

A social media gives all the information about world in few seconds or minutes.

Social media becomes the reason of happiness .if a person is suffering from any disease and he is using such sites as whatsapp,instagram,facebook,twitter, snapchat etc. Which gives happiness to that person will give a good life to live .

There is privacy on social media sites by which a person can show his own personal information to his knowns. it means that the account should be private. no one can access his personal information without his friends.

We can learn good things from social media which will be good for our knowledge .social media has many benefits for the students as well as teachers. it is the easier way to learn from others who are professional and experts.


We can use social media for the noble causes .it means that with the help of social media we can promote any NGO or any donation for needy people .it is the easier way to help such people .by helping such kind of people we remain happy which is good for our health .and it is also a good impact of social media .we also give happiness to needy people by helping them.

From social media we can learn various skills which affects our personality.we can become more confident by learning these skills from social media .this means that our confidence will increase if we learn these skills from social media .these skills make a person independent also.

Social media is most significant way to maintain our beauty.because on social media we see various personalities and we get affected from these personalities .we are trying to copy their style by which we can maintain our beauty and  our personlaity.


Negative impacts of the social media:-

Social media is one by which we can share our joys and sorrows with our friends,family and relatives.  

When a person spend more than two hours per day on social media ,then it will effect on the mentality of that person who are using these social media sites and the person can also suffer from depression and anxiety .

Some people make fake identities on instagram,whatsapp ,snapchat,facebook , twitter etc. And hack the identities of others . This process is known as cyberbullying .in this case people lose their own identities. 

We are seeing various celebrities on social media and we see the good qualities in them and we are easily impressed from those celebritiy .when we are impressed  we are trying to copy their styles .some boys and girls are running behing the styles of  those celebrities which they have seen on social media .it effects our culture .when they copy their styles they forget their own culture.it is not a good impact for us .


Some people spend more time on these social media sites which is a bad impact of social media because when we spend whole day on these social media sites it is the wastage of time.

Social media also causes many other  health diseases.it gives stress to users which is the negative impact of social media.

If the user will use these sites till late night ,it has a negative effect on our sleep quality .if a person feel that his sleep pattern become irregular then it affects the productivity of a user.

Social media has a bad effect on our eyesight if we use  continuously these social media sites .if we lose our eyesight we can not see properly.

People start to follow that person who are drug addicted and share their pictures,videos etc. If any person will like that drug addicted person then the affected person follow the same and get addicted as that person.it is the worst impact of social media.

If we are using any of the given social media sites named whatsapp, facebook,instagram ,snapchat ,twitter etc. And any person share a video of ang stunt .we are trying to copy that stunt without practice which is very dangerous for us .and if we are doing same stunt without practice sometimes it will result for our death.it is the dangerous and bad impact of  social media .  

When the wrong picture or video of any person get spread in all over the world then it ruins the reputation of a person .

Conclusion of social media:-


as we have discussed both the positive impacts and negative impacts of social media . the technologist and innovators gave us these social media site for our advantages .but the youth and the narrow- minded people use it wrongly.these people spoil many lives by the mis-use of social media sites .they do not know that we people are connected to each other by these social media sites in these days.

In earlier times we were not connected to each other . in that time we were not able to share our joys and sorrows with each other or with family,friends or relatives. In earlier time people were share their joys and sorrows through a letter. A person has to wrote a letter to share any information.

When a person posted a letter to his family ,friends or relatives they will get that letter with in few days or with in a week .sometimes they were not get a letter .it is not much secure. it is more time consuming . Then our government allows us to use such kind of social media sites which are not much expensive and which saves our time.

So there is some responsibilities of our youth . Firstly the youth should be aware from the usage of these social media sites .because the mis-use of these social sites gives a big loss to our country and it will be dangerous to us .therefore government has to organize some awareness events by which users can learn how to use the social median sites. In the schools ,teachers have to gave knwoldege to students about these kinds of social median sites. so that they can use it correctly.if we use it by knowing there advantages and disadvantages ,then the social media is very helpful to got success in our life

Prabhjot kaur