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  • Feb 15, 2019
  • Jambu Lukudu
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Snap a photo

Snap a photo 

Photographs are amazing. Through photographs we preserve history, our child's first step's a decaying landscape, or rare and endangered animals we use photographs to recall the the first step in the moon , the inauguration of new president , the lifting of flag on a far-away hill during the war .Mothers laboriously decorate large scrapbook just to protect their precious memories. 

Photographs evoke the essence of places we have been or not, we perhaps will not return  to and should never forget. We all have photographs everywhere; phones, laptops ,offices and at our houses we want to keep these moments and cherish them. Maybe we want to share it with our loved one's friends, families or just keep it for ourselves. 

In order to understand what photography is I would like to say it's the activity of taking or processing photos or images . Through the use of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface(such as film or an optical senor) . This enables  you to understand that photography is not just taking a camera and clicking random pictures but rather  it involves effort ,paying attention to many other factors such as light amount , the right angle , the frame or the background. Photography is an art that we should not underestimate but rather keep it beautiful .

There are so many types of  capturing  moments below I mentioned the few and common :

  • Portrait photography sometimes we take photos of the people who are around us while they are laughing,crying or whatever situation they are in and focus only on people .

  •  Landscape photography what do we do when we see a beautiful view? We take a photo to capture this amazing scene and may show it to someone and make them feel like they are there with us at that moment  

  • Food photography now days it's a bit hard to find people not taking  photos of their delicious meals served  or prepared by them .this  is becoming most known and its growing day by day one thing about it when wanting to take a photo of food the flash should also be off to keep the colour of the food I learnt it from my sister "Laija " to the point whereby whenever they serve food I first ask her should I start eating or you want to take some photos sounds amazing right  try it out one-day and see !.

  • Mobile photography our devices are equipped with good cameras and it saves us money since it can do the job as well . All we need to do is know how to use the elements very well some friends of mine take photos equal to the professional photographers. 

Above all ,Photography is an escape for some people and in it they find thier joy and happiness many people are getting into this. Choose your favourite style  wisely go out there and shoot some photos  !.   Thank you 

Jambu Lukudu