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Self Satisfaction- A key to Success

In life, almost everyone thinks of the things that happen to him. Everyone wants to know about the reason for his birth, daily activities which are done by him, reason for going to school, college or many other activities of the routine. Usually, people remain worried by thinking about such daily happenings in their life.

They keep thinking about the problems they have in life. When things in life do not go as individuals want, it gives them stress. They keep complaining to God that why things are wrong with them only. No one gets the answer in that case. However, if these questions of life remain unanswered then the people cannot lead a happy life. It will ruin the motive of living and the public will remain in the problems only. There will not be any way out.

So, to be happy and overcome all the worries, you need to be satisfied.

Now, many of you may have a question in mind that how to be satisfied or what true satisfaction is?

Satisfaction is a feeling of being content. The state of being happy with the available facilities with you is known as true satisfaction.

We as common human beings keep taking the things in a negative manner. If we see anyone more powerful than us, we feel jealous of him and want to be like him. However, is it the case when we see someone who is lower in status from us and who can not afford even the basic amenities of life?

The answer probably is No. This is because we want to achieve more and more in life and do not be satisfied with our accomplishments ever.

Many individuals think of being satisfied with what they have but remain unable every time. Why so?

This is because they always keep trying to find the answers to those unanswered questions, for which no one can give an appropriate solution. You keep asking Why Me, Why Me every time.

But, have you ever taken the happenings of life in a positive way?

Everyone might have some physical or emotional issues. But keeping these in mind always leads to some problems only. We get trapped by the tensions and remain unable to go out of it.

The reason for being stuck in this trap is overthinking.

When you have time, you don’t have resources to enjoy life and when you have all the resources, you don’t have time; it is a vicious circle where one problem is a result of the previous problem.

We may have things to do, we may have the life for fun, but we keep talking about the bad events of life, we don’t focus on the good activities of life. As a result, we always get stressed and have to face failure in the end.

You may be unhappy for one day in a week, but for the rest of the 6 days, you were happy.

One incident in a month may be unfavorable; however, other incidents were in favor, still, we want the answers for these unfortunates only?

You could not purchase one item of your choice, but you bought many other items which you liked. Looking at others and making yourself feel less than them is actually a problem with you only. The society is not responsible for this. The person gets hurt the most when he allows others to hurt him, and when he keeps on getting jealous of others’ success and their lifestyle.

One must learn to be happy and satisfied with what he has. You alone have the power to overcome the stress of these unanswered questions and try living a satisfying life.

To be satisfied and pleased in life, one must follow the positive lifestyle as-

1. Change your thinking process-

The very first thing you must do is to change your way of thinking. If you have a habit of looking at others’ success and you generally envy of them, then you are the only one who is responsible for making yourself feel stressed. Thus, you must transform your process of thinking.

2. Clear your mind-

You have need of clearing your mind from all the negativity. The more you think, the more the problems occur. It just gives you tensions and you become over-burdened. So, clear your mind from all the unwanted thoughts. Only then, you can lead a joyful life.

3. Do the things that make your soul happy-

This is very significant because most of us are indulged in the professions which we don’t like. We just do it for making ourselves financially strong, so that we can earn bread and butter for our family. This sacrifice with own happiness results in depression sometimes.

Hence, the first and the most important task in life is to do the things that make you happy and you enjoy doing those activities.

4. End your day with Gratitude-

Always be thankful for the things you experienced in the whole day. Never regret anything. Ending your day with the happy face and by being thankful is always necessary. Only this can give you a feeling of fulfillment and gratification.

So, just focus on your life goals and live life to be happy, not to compete with others. This will give you self- satisfaction and you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

Jaanesh Moose