S H E - M Y W O R L D
  • Mar 9, 2019
  • Damanpreet Singh
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S H E - M Y W O R L D

We live happy , we eat good , we wear clean clothes , we get directions of life , we are recognized because of her and she is My Mother , My Sister , and My wife who makes all the efforts for all my well being in this world. She knows me very well  than anyone else -She is my Mother , she understands and my best friend -She is my Sister , She protects me and my better half-She is my wife. All these characters are responsible for my healthy wealthy life. The word He is us and when we add "S" ahead of He it becomes "SHE" because She is always there to " SAFE-the He , and to SACRIFICE for He.  Happy INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY.

I can’t tell her how much I love her , I can’t tell her how much I care for her , I can’t tell her she is my life , I can’t tell her she is always doing good for me , I can’t be lost in the crowd , she always there for me -SHE IS MY MOTHER who always love me Unconditionally. From Good morning to Good night she wants to know where I am , what I am doing , did I took my meal , are the things comfortable, she cooks for me my favorite meals , she always bless me and yes I feel proud to say -SHE IS MAA. She allowed to see the world, she allowed to me grow in life , she allowed to breathe freely , she knows me what is in my heart , she never feel offended and yes I feel proud to say -SHE IS MY MAA.  (TUJE SABH HAI PATA MERI MAA).

 I can’t tell her she is my best buddy, I can’t tell her that I want this because she knows , we grow up together , we played together , we fight with each other , we cry for each other , we eat with each other , we know how to protect each other -SHE IS MY SISTER. From Childhood to maturity stage and from maturity to old age we will keep on fighting with each other because we know we are together. She is my lovable sister who always tries to make sure that her brother is happy and if not then to sit together and share the problems because she takes my problems as her problems and yes I feel proud to say -SHE IS MY SISTER. We may have different opinions on different things but still we are together and he knows that one day she will leave the house will leave him alone. But however she is not separated because she is still my buddy yes I feel proud to say -SHE IS MY SISTER. She makes my house together and now after marriage she will make in laws house to be together and yes I feel proud to say -SHE IS MY SISTER.... (Nii Maye ik ghar tera joreya te ik joran chali niii).

I can’t tell how much she respects me, I can’t tell how many times she helped me, I love her a lot , she is with me 24/7 , she understands me , sometimes she fights with me but the fight is always for my well being , she always got depressed when I am sick , I need her always because she is my better half and yes I feel proud to say -SHE IS MY WIFEShe knows who am I , she stands for me , she is a replica of my mother , she works for me , she looks for me , she completes my family , she looks after the children , she help my mother in house hold works and yes I feel proud to say -SHE IS MY WIFE.  She is a person who make me complete from the journey of MS. to MRS. , she always wanted to know what good is going in my life and yes I feel proud to say -SHE IS MY WIFE. (Meriye Sardarniye nii tainu Umar Meri Lag Jawe).

Now tell me how much SHE is important in our life however these days when we see the news channel flashing reports on girls being raped , molested and disrespected ,we should feel ashamed that when can’t protect her when we know she always safeguard us. We all "HE" should make sure that "SHE" is always safe and protected when she is out of house because in house "SHE" is always there for us. 




Damanpreet Singh