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"Raula Peh janda jag utte , bhawen sajre hoyi uthe ya raat nu sutte .... udo hilde ne pabb te sohne punjabi fabde ... jado punjabiyan de dhol wajde"

A traditional Punjabi Folk Instrument which has created a sensation in the world , no matter the religion -the caste-the colour , the roll coaster ride with DHOL is an awsome feeling . DHOL is basically a double sided barrel DRUM fixed with Goat skin both sides  and played with a 2 wooden sticks : Dhaggga - a heavy stick with curve angles when striked on left  side of the DHOL produces heavy sound , Tilli- a thin and long wooden stick  played on right side of the DHOL which combines with Dhagga. When Dhagga and Tilli striked together then what happens the whole world knows.

The traditional Boliyan (Folk Songs) include the steps which was performed during Bhangra on DHOL wand is played by DRUMMER commonly known as DHOLI (professional) . Now a days DHOL is a common instrument in BOLLYWOOD to make dancing songs.

Listen to the Beats at (DHOL BEATS). SIT BACK AND ENJOY.



Dhol these days is like Icing on the Music to make it more soundfull and customized according to the song. Now a days 80% of the Bollywoood Musician used DHOL as their main instrument, not only that even in Hollywood. Punjabi Dhol is famous through out the world ,the beats and the bassfull sound makes you Dance to the tune. If we talk abou the Music around all the states of India -DHOL has various folk beats like GUJRAT has their Folk DHOL , Rajashthan has its own , Maharastra has its own , Oriisa has its own but as we say the Roll Coaster Beats is only and only given by Punjabi DHOL. 

Dhol is depicted in earliest ancient indian sculptural arts as one of the chief percussion instruments for ancient indian music along with tabla.Dhol has been a popular musical instrument in formal and informal dance performances for decades. In both the Punjab region of India and Pakistan DHOL has been a different religion . In marraige functions and parties the live DHOL played by Drummer is like a SHOW STOPPER. DHOL makes a rythym for the Punjabi FOLK Dances like Luddi , Dhammal , Jhoomar and open Bhangra which is an example of Dance to the Beat.

Some of the most common Punjabi dhol rhythms are KHULA BHANGRA  (originating with the old, community bhangra dance), dhamaal (associated with many cultural functions, including worship at  Sufi shrines, and JHoomar  a dance and song rhythm. The staged "bhangra" dance, originating in the 1950s,  for the performance of actions called Luddi  In the 1970s, many more actions were added to staged bhangra to go with the rhythm, which started to become one of the most prominent rhythms associated with the dance. At the same time, this type of rhythm would be played on the dholki drum to accompany Punjabi songs.

When Punjabi's migrated to UK to USA they took DHOL along with them as their source of income where they played this instrument on the Streets and attarct people to dance on the beats. Specailly in United Kingdom DHOL has given the best musical instrument used for songs wheather Punajbi or English , all credit goes to the cultutre of Punjab , the folk beats with instruments like Tumbi and algojey mixed with DHOL beats creats an environment where we can witness the dancing foots.

Now a days DHOL has a unique feature attach to it which makes it electronically compatable with other modern instruments and one of the best example is COKE STUDIO. The Re Mixing of old and new songs with new instruments is worth listening.

Jithe Pabb de nal Moda nachda ,uthe Punjabiyan da dil nachda , jado dise koi punjabi sohna nachda uthe punjabiyan da dhol wajda.



Damanpreet Singh