Role of innovation in Emerging Technologies
  • Mar 3, 2019
  • Gurleen Kaur
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Role of innovation in Emerging Technologies

What are the aims of C.S.E students? To get the degree with very good marks or in other words to complete it without any supply and the ultimate end is to get the good job in M.N.C's with at least a package of 4 to 5 lac.

But that should not be the right end. Out stream C.S.E is very vast, it has no bounded aspects, then how can we be bounded to the aim of getting good job only. Anyone can learn the definitions and terms and get good marks, but the real engineers are those who implements them practically and this practical implementation is "What the innovation is."

We can simply take the recent example of Mark Zucberger. What he  did? He is the one who innovated the social networking site called Facebook at the age of just 20 and at that time he was also like us, the C.S.E student and now, he is earning 13.5 billion dollars from this innovation "Facebook". Facebook is having more than 600 million active users. C.S.E provides vast innovations and advances. Innovation is our new column that highlights the latest emerging technological ideas and where they can lead.

Many applications, social networks and internet etc are innovated which are giving the fruitful results. Internet has made the world a compact place to live. These are also regarded as time savers, as with the help of their applications, the work of one hour is able to be completed in few seconds. Innovation is not something to create an entirely new things, but to make changes in the existing product is also regarded as innovation.  It is a day by day process. Updation done in the existing innovation makes it much better and reliable and is in itself a new innovation.

Lets talk about mobile phones. Just compare an old mobile handset, it just had a simple feature of incoming and outgoing of calls. But in today's mobile handset we can find various features like music system, camera and internet etc.

Talking about cars/ automobile industry, in every new model of car, some new features are added, that is called innovation. Innovation brings changes in the human life styles. These are always created on seeing the demand of such things, for example, in micro-car the locking system of this car is based on the finger touch of the person, is an innovation. Tata nano, a small and cheap car, was an innovation by Tata group.

The spread of innovations in social networking is becoming the burning issue due to its many advantages. These networks helps to share the private information and provide access to diverse skill sets and power. Because of the increase in the amount of time spent on social networking skills, there growth is likely to come. Anyone who is creating their network with trust, diversity and brokerage can earn in billion of dollars and server the nation.

To sum up, innovations are always good, bring changes to human life, makes a country develop, but sometimes innovations are also used adversely, example, Nuclear bombs, which brings destruction. Such Nuclear bombs, has completely destroyed Heroshima and Nagasaki of Japan. Major social networking sites are effected by security issues, fake ID's and hacking. No doubt many new softwares are innovated to stop issues of hacking. So its upto how we are using the innovations. 

In developed nations, innovations take place at a faster rate because in developed nations, resources finance, technology, etc, is more abundantly available than in under-developed nations.

Innovations has taken place in every field, in every sector, which made our lives easier, get the work done faster, more accurately etc. The plus point is that no age limit is required for this. From a commoner student to any well equipped and qualified person can make the bright future in innovation. So, all the audience including me should try to think vast.

Gurleen Kaur