Role of digital  marketing to promote the business.
  • Mar 3, 2019
  • Satwinder kaur
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Role of digital marketing to promote the business.

Digital marketing is the marketing of products, promoting brands, establish your business and services using digital technologies or digital media. Digital marketing is advertising and promoting your business through digital channels or digital media.

Suppose you have a business of hotel, some services or you have products which you want to sell and for promoting your brands or business. These all of promoting or advertising of  your brands, business and products using digital media is known as digital marketing.

The digital media is divided into following parts:-

  • SEO (search engine opmization):- SEO is a digital media. As we know   million of websites on internet then the  search engines are required to search them. Search engines like google, yahoo, Bing, about etc. 

Mostly the search engine is used by peoples.

If search on google something firstly it shows the most relevant content. This most relevant data is of   that companies or business which pays money to google for advertises to rank on the top of list. This way the companies are advertise their services, promote our brands, marketing our products. If we are click on that link at once then the google will charge something from that company. SEO is time consuming search engine.

  • Google adds: - Google adds is also a search engine which advertises the ads on the top of the list. These ads are of those companies which will pay something to google to show their results on the top of list. With the help of these ads the companies promote the business, markiting   of products and services. In these links sponsored are written here.

And also the adds show on other websites also  in the form of blogs.


  • Social media platforms: - The social media is also a best way to promote our business or market the products and services. Social media platforms are like face book, instagram, Twitter,  you tube etc. face book is one of the most famous social media platform. Firstly if we login your face book account you many advertisements are there which are sponsored by the companies to promoting there business or services. That mean these companies are paying something to face book.                                                                                                                                                

  • Email Marketing: - Email Marketing is also a search engine. The companies are also promote there business with the help of email marketing .As we receive lots of e-mails of deals, products that mean they are promoting   their products with the help of email marketing and also companies are easily approach with customers and boosting their products.                                                 

  • Video marketing: - Video marketing is also a search engine. The best example of the Video marketing is you tube. In the beginning or in-between the video you will see adds which are sponsored by the companies too promoting their business. Video marketing  is best way of marketing Of products or services.


  • Affiliate Marketing: - Affiliate Marketing is one of best way of marketing or advertise your business. Affiliate Marketing increase the sales and earn money as well. Affiliate Marketing is you will sell the half of products of other people them they give you some commission.


Benefits of digital marketing:

  • Digital marketing is cost effective.

  • Digital marketing gives measurable results.

  • Digital marketing is allowed to market globly at only small investment.

  • Digital marketing is easy way to boost their business.

  • Digital marketing is reach with customer at the right time.

  • Faster response to both markets and the end user.

  • Increase the marketing of products or services.

Demerits’ of Digital marketing:-

  • Depends on technology because digital marketing is mainly done on internet.

  • Security and privacy issues are faced.

  • Worldwide competiton is there because the digital marketing done  at globly.





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