R E P L I C A - Bhai Original Hai Teri Kasam........
  • May 31, 2019
  • Damanpreet Singh
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R E P L I C A - Bhai Original Hai Teri Kasam........

World is growing rapidly and fashion plays a major role in deciding that wheather a particular country is still following traditional way of living or they are mordern . Earlier who knows what are branded clothes and why people buys and only 7% of the population was wearing them but now as we are going from under developed to developing nations , the percentage has changed , now only 7 % of the population do not wear expensive and branded clothes. People now a days mostly show up their status of lifestyle wheather they know the fashion brands or not but they are in Sheep steps of others. Now the question is that really we all can afford to buy these branded clothes or accesories -the answer is No and I think we all support the answer but however again a question arise,that  then How to be buy these expensive clothes at an affordable rates -the answer is Yes . Lets welcome the alternate -Replica products which are as similar to original but with price differentiation. (GOL MAL HAI BHAI SABH GOL MAL HAI ). I mean to say copy of branded products.

There is a huge difference in prices but they all are look a like of originals , one cannot recognize the difference becuase they look same and yes they are affordable , they have a stamp of a particular brand but the original is always original ,however these products do not last long. Many online shopping companies are offereing these products at a lower cost . If we check our Wats App application there must be a group where these products are being sold. Thee products are having original Logo of a particular brand and one cannot compare them and people are selling at a lower price with good profit margins. We are in a fashion world ,true ,but not in originality , from our head caps to our shoes we are original , I mean the Replica of Branded products.(  YAHAN KE HUM SIKANDER CHAHE TOH RAKH LE SABH KO APNI JEB KE ANDAR)

Mostly shoes and watches are being sold in this business , India and China are the biggest exporters of these products. All  the sections of society are using these products intentionaly or unintentionaly from lower to upper class . The best word given to these products in reality is "THE FRIST COPY"  and in terms of business we say "EXPORT ARTICLE" . But the life of these products are not so long as compared to original but however the demand for them is so high by middle and upper middle class because of its affordability.(Look look left, look look right Kar le apni, jeans pant tight-BADMASH COMPANY).

Not only in fashion brands these replica products are available in electronic goods  like in LCD , LED and Smart T.V's. There is a huge huge difference of prices but people are buying it either directly or online. A mango man cannot see the difference in these products , some companies are selling fist copies openly in Branded showrooms. You cannot blame any one because some group of people have started this business and they are motivating others also. The profit margins are too much . for Example  a price of particular Reebok shoe displayed in the showroom is USD 390 but you can buy this shoe at an affordable rate of USD 70 with all the features of original article, now a lower or middle class person will be happy to buy the copy and it is in his budget. So , the seller is not responsible ,the producer is defaulter who is producing... (KUCH BANDE DEFAULTER TAKAR GYE)

                        This is the fashion today -REPLICA ...... Original products are at showroom near by you, go and buy .

                                                                               Wear original stay positive

Damanpreet Singh