PUNJABIOMOS-Aromatic Customized Punjabi Junk Food (MOMOS)
  • Mar 3, 2019
  • Damanpreet Singh
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PUNJABIOMOS-Aromatic Customized Punjabi Junk Food (MOMOS)


                                                                        FORGET REAL AND CUSTOMIZED YOUR OWN

Who could have thought things can go beyond Parantha and Lassi, throughout the world Punjabi food is well known . Now, different states in India have different foods ,however Punjabi food is ,present everywhere  with most commonly main course  as Dal Makhani and Shahi Paneer (OHO BUS MANGWA DO JALDI) .The Journey from Masala Dosa with coconut Sauce to Tandoori Dosa with Salted lassi is like a dream come true for both North and South India.

                                                      …don’t just imagine friends … go and have it …..

Now, lets come to North East favorite and well known food called as MOMOS or DUMPLINGS either Steam or Fried. Well this is not a spicy food but the taste is awesome however lets shift to North India and focus on food basically street food ….mmmmmmm…. Lets welcome MOMOS I mean Punjabiomos which was initially not well accepted because of taste and originality. The real menu from North East was:

  1. Veg Momos

  2. Non Veg-Chicken Momos

Then comes the customized part, Punjabi’s has created a sensation for this food item… please check the new Punjabiomos Menu:

  1. Paneer Momos

  2. Achari Momos

  3. Tanadoori Moms

  4. Chilly Momos

  5. Makhani Momos

  6. Chilly Chicken Momos

  7. Panner Do Payaza Momos

  8. Gobbi & Pyaaz Momos

  9. Aloo Momos

  10. Mutton Momos

These are just samples however more can be added as per demand. Momos now in Punjab are in continuous process of Customization and that is why it is accepted with open heart. But apart from apart from Punjabi if anyone else taste this changed Momos then .SSSSSSSSSSSSS…….OOOOOOOOOOOOO…. (TUJKO MIRCHI LAGI TOH MAIN KYA KARU).

Moms are basically made with Corn Flour and then further small design of pots are made filled with veggie’s or chicken as per choice and then steamed in a metallic pot finally  named as Steam Momo’s.  Punjabiomos consist of 2 preparation methods: Actual Style or Customized Style (Commonly used). Actual is as same as describe above and Customized can be made with Corn Flour or Wheat flour as steamed or roasted or grilled or can be fried  with any eatable things  no matter veggie’s or non-veggie’s but they are mostly spicy.(Punjabi Style)

Now, Momos counters are open at every 100 m on or off the road running successfully completing with Red & Green Sauce and Mayonnaise Sauce. Newly addition to Punjabiomos is Chicken Soupy Momos, well no need to describe how it is prepared. The reason for customizing Momos is because Punjabi don’t want any things to let go , they use mind to make things according to local taste & preferences . Momos basically introduced in Punjab before 10 years and imagine the career of Momos in Punjab after 10 years. Have you heard Momos with Lassi or Hot milk , now think how it will taste …while  we think of this combination, Punjabi’s have already consumed it.

Here ,why I am  focusing Momos in Punjab and giving it a name as Punjabiomos because Punjabi’s have a nature of accepting new food items , they taste it and then the foodie mind works then, they bring the new changes but these changes are know and  will be appreciated because Punjabi’s like to give a twist to the food. According to their nature, which we know that they easily  Mix up with all the people no matter  from different states and countries , so this inbuilt nature forces them to create new and different dishes. (Jithe Jande Jaan Pehchan Bana Lainde …. Taur Vakhra hi rehnda Punjabiyan Da )

I hope I have given a justification to this Punjabiomos… We know health is wealth but sorry Punjabi’s cannot control and they give this health and wealth as  second thought , the first thought is about stomach which needs more attention and if they eat more than thanks to ENO and HAJMOLA.



Damanpreet Singh