• Jun 10, 2019
  • Dilraj Kaur
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Category III : Environmental Effects


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Positive thinking for health and peace

Our environment, as I am even writing this, is deteriorating at a very fast pace, enough to affect not only the generations to come but the  existing generations too.  Man has come far with his inventions and innovations - as far as medical sciences, physical sciences or technological sciences are concerned. We are surrounded with so many 'modern' gadgets which form an integral part of our lifestyle. Little do we realise that the more we promote these gadgets and machineries the more seen and unseen pollution we create. Our vehicles produce obnoxious fumes that we can perhaps still see but do we realise that through the extensive use of wireless technology we are surrounded by unseen and untouched radio waves that are affecting us as well as the birds and other animals around us. No longer do we see the birds that we used to get so excited to see during our childhood - those small brown furry things which woke us up in the morning, and flying away as soon as a crow swooped down on them or the sound of the pigeons which egged us on to a deep slumber in those lazy afternoons. An eagle also was not an uncommon sight or sometimes a woodpecker or a flock of parrots....Are we left with just stories to tell our children? Can't we provide them  a clear blue sky and make them count the stars in the evenings of load sheddings when it was actually dark to see them so clearly, dimmed by the street lights and led lights of malls and flashy showrooms today. Are we ourselves responsible for this state of affairs? There was a time when communication was a simple affair with letters and landline phones being our heartlines. Families were still in touch although it took time, but definitely life was simpler and easier. In pursuit of being in touch with our loved ones or on the professional front at the touch of a button, we have lost the art of communicating  ( our feelings being conveyed through emojis) and the satisfaction of conversing, arguing, laughing, crying, sighing, sharing and caring over a cup of tea in the evenings. In the race of acquiring the latest smartphones, gadgets, cars we are unknowingly exposing our future generations to a time of extreme climatic conditions. Plastic in all forms, whether they are being used in gadgets, cars, packaging, toys  or any other products has become the reason for concern for environmentalists because of its nonbiodegradable nature. It is upon us to curb this menace of plastic consumption so that the manufacturing of such products comes down. It all boils down to a change in our lifestyles, wherein our use of modern gadgets is limited so that the amount of technological garbage that we are producing comes under bearable and controlled limits. For this a change in our mental thought process is most important by which we can unlearn the current pressure of owning smart gadgets to bring positivity to our lives. Positivity in our lives comes through positive thoughts and not through smart gadets using modern technologies, hindering our natural thought process. We have become dependent on social media to make us happy and content, through an approval of unknown faces of our lives. We need to look within and not outside us for love and look towards  almighty for peace so that we can face our future generations with pride that we have preserved what nature gave us and not spoiled it for our personal pleasures. It is our duty to pass on the blessings of God and nature to them as we got them from our forefathers and ancestors. 

Dilraj Kaur