P T M - The Judgement Day
  • Mar 13, 2019
  • Damanpreet Singh
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P T M - The Judgement Day

Things were wasy in our education time however the most difficult time ever faced was this PTM : Parents Teachers Meetings, which was of no use. This PTM has made us feel so uncomfortable that we started fearing to do naughty things becuase ultimately the results will be handed over to the parents and then what happen...... better to keep quite ....... If we are a good student and we know we had scored good marks with good class behaviour then not to fear bring it on even if its a Parents meet , we shall come with our neighbours and relatives so that they can know how good we are. But let me tell you if we know we are not attending classes , we failed our exams, then my god this one day of PTM will result to whole 1 year deductions in term of playing time , movie time, video games time and many other happening activities but nevertheless the PTM is a judgement day .

Parents always feel proud of us until the day of PTM. Let me tell you one thing some times Parents also reacts and complain to the teachers about us that he do not listen to any one , he play all the time, he eats junk food , now you see in this situation how bad we feel ... my god intially it was teachers complaining and now parents like if they were having an mutual agreement on certain things and the agreement is always against us. 

Now let me start my judgement days , I was very naughty and fear to bring my parents in school because the face to face interactions was so bad that after reachcing back home my father use to ask me one question even after depositing the next session fees thet do you really want to study or we make some arrangements for your odd jobs... Now at that time I always use to ask one thing in my mind that this person I mean by father has asked me a  question but then why he deposisted the fees. My answer was always in a form of non verbal communications by nodding head or to keep quite. Now PTM , was not for one day the effects of the it reamin last long really long. But I keep my cool and continued my naughtiness because I was  addicted to being scolded from both the parties ...."kyu ki ... i Know Apna Time Ayega". Now after crossing 30, I am  getting the knowledge of what is the benefit of taking birth in foreign countries because there your parents can scold you because the legal laws do not allow them.... Really I hate this PTM in my childhood days may be for others its a boom.

Thank god I am now young and there is no school life....... really sometimes in PTM you feel that how bad you are when both the parties are against you except our mothers... That one day had spoiled my full sessions and when we kick start our playing period then PTM notice for next session was displayed on the board, HAHHAHA.HAHA..... but these report cards was like a future decider where we want everything endorsed with Blue pen not with Red pen however as it is right to say " What we think , never happen" and " What has happened , we never think about that"... When report cards are with red marks with complimentary class behaviour complaints then better to ran away from the situation becuase remember we are born in India and no need to explain the consequences.

The life from school to college ,from college to job , from job to marriage and from marraige to parents ,we always face this PTM in different forms. Teachers are at every stages of life , judgement days will come , results will be announced , appreciation will be done but we can not avoid this PTM , I don't know what has come up in the mind of great people to introduce this PTM system. This PTM defination should be changed from Parents Teacher Meeting to STM which is called Student Tourture Meeting. 

However , now being a parent I think this PTM is necessary because what our wards are doing we need to know and we want their sheets with blue colour not in red.  I want to take this oppurtunity to say Sorry to my teachers that  if any time I misbehave bacause I was born naughty and will remain but thank you so much for pin pointing my mistakes and thanks to my parents for offering ODD jobs which reliaze me that Education is an important aspect in life to grow.

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So , we see the results , means we are good in Total which is highest , so it means our teacher should focus on total subject where we scored more ..... Hahhhahaha .......


Damanpreet Singh