My Journey to Vanquish Bell's Palsy
  • Jun 7, 2019
  • Jastinder kaur
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My Journey to Vanquish Bell's Palsy

In February 2019, I faced some symptoms of an uncommon and unexpected illness. This situation occurred when I had to experience Bell's Palsy. The major purpose to writing this is to aware others about my personal experience to conquer this issue.

Bell's Palsy is a form of facial paralysis in which usually one side of the face is paralysed. It may affect both the sides as well, but the chances of it are very rare. This is a neurological condition in which one or more nerves from the twelve cranial nerves become paralysed. Cranial nerves connect our brain to different parts of the upper body like neck, head and trunk.

It is believed that Bell's Palsy occurs due to some sort of infection or virus like herpes simplex and zoster, flu, German measles etc. However, there are no particular findings about this yet. Due to the infection, there is swelling to cranial nerves which leads to inability to smile, whistle, sealing lips and even closing the eye of the affected side. If you can't close the eye properly, then chances of eye dryness and serious damage to eye increase.

Due to this condition, people loss control on one side of the face as if right side is affected, you will not be able to do regular and easy activities of face from right side. There is no specific age of facing this complication, it can occur anytime and is unpredictable. The studies show that individuals who are pregnant, having diabetes, upper respiratory tract infection are at higher risk of suffering from Bell's Palsy.

In my case, nothing was the same. I never had any trouble like this in life. Still, it happened.

May be, it was in my fate :)

I was in my office working passionately. Suddenly, I realized I had severe headache and I could not speak properly. I didn't bother much, but one of my colleagues observed it and advised me to take it seriously.

Somehow, I finished my work and returned to my home in the evening. I could hardly speak which made my parents worried about me. My father was quick enough to take me to the doctor.

Doctor asked me to do some activities with my face like blowing, whistling, closing eyes etc, and immediately informed that it was facial paralysis.


Even I was shocked listening to this because I never even imagined that something like this could happen to me in life. It was just peculiar for me. The term "Paralysis" is enough to scare anyone for a while, but it was happening to me. Often people confuse this problem of Bell's Palsy with stroke but fortunately, this is just a temporary phase.

So, right side of my face was paralysed. The nerves lost control. Closing my right eye, eating or drinking without spilling became a challenge for me. I had half smile, but I was positive enough to defeat this, so, motivated myself with different quotes and case studies.

This is not it. Still there is a twist in the circumstances. No doubt, I had problem on the right side, but I confused it with the left side.


Yes, it is true.

As on right side, nerves were dysfunctional. Whole stress was on the left side of my face. For every activity like speaking or eating, left nerves had to work. I felt numbness or stiffness on the left side of my face, so, I shared this with my doctor and told him that he was puzzled with the real problem because he told precautions for the right side. However, he was very humble to describe the scenario to me. Facing this hurdle made me curious to know it in-depth.

Hence, I searched numerous articles which described about other's experience who faced the same in past. After reading them, I was much optimistic to be fine soon because I was not alone, there were many people like me. Moreover, most of them recovered in 2 to 4 weeks of seeing the first symptom. In severe cases, the time of recovery goes up to 6 months. I found very less cases in which people had to suffer for years. This gave me a sigh of relief.

I started my medicines as per the doctor's prescription. He gave me some steroids and Vitamin B to overcome this. Light massage on face and heat therapy is good enough to get rid of it.

I noticed about 60-65% improvement within 10 days. I am yet having my medicines with the hope of quick recovery. The main part to protect here is eye because dirt and dust particles can damage it to the serious condition. I need to protect it always.

In the end, I would say that I think having proper diet, keeping oneself motivated, availing proper and immediate medical treatment is the only right action to overpower this hard time.


Jastinder kaur