• Mar 3, 2019
  • Manpreet Kaur Gill
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Music is not just a sound it has become a important part of our life.It is very valuable for everyone because it help us to distress ourself and to keep ourself calm and relaxing.It is not a way to entertain ourself but it is a good source to express our feelings to someone.It is the most easiest and finest way to tell something which we can,t speak so easily. Sometimes we can,t say directly what is in our heart at that time music help us to express our feelings.

Many of us used to of listening music all time in ours homes,cars,office time.I believe that music keep us away from all kind of problems.Nowadays music has became essential part of every occasion either it is a religious function or it is any wedding or some kind of party.In our country any function specially parties and wedding functions are incomplete without music.It is the best source to entertain ourself.My father told us that earlier people used to put the speaker on their roof fifteen days before from the marriage and everybody can judge that there is marriage in their home.He also told us that he love that kind of marriages where people used to do work of wedding coperatively by listening music at the same time.He said they do their work and listen to the music simultanoeusly.

Music also has great significance in the history of india.During the period of kings and princes there was the music courts in their palaces where they used to listen different type of musics.Tansen was the most popular musician during the era of mughals.He was the most prominent musician of mughal era who was famous for his instrumentation.Lord krishna was also a lover of music,he loves to play flute,he always keep his flute with him.Music has many types like classical music,folk music,pop music,hip hop music etc.These musics are played according to the occasions.

Music has become the essential part of the person's life.Music is part of life now you can listen music everywhere,at you home,at your your office because nowadays it is becoming popular to play slow slow music in the office.Most of the big organisations play the slow music in the offices of the employees to keep them energetic and fresh all the time.They play the slow music while employees are working so that they should feel peaceful and do their work with full concentration which help them to give positive results.Music is very much benefical for improving performance of the employees which automatically increase the productivity of the organisation.

As the technology get advanced music become very popular in people because we can find music everywhere in our homes,offices,market etc.With the advancement of technology the access of music has reached at its peak.In this modern era every person has their own cellphones so everyone can listen music at anytime and at any place because everyone has music in their phones.Internet has also make music popular because every kind of music is available over there.We can downlaod any kind of music from internet whether it is old one or newer one.

Music is also a power gainer it make us feel energetic when we get tired.It also make us feel strong when we get depressed because there are many motivatinal songs which give us strength to move on.It is a good source to express our emotions without telling and asking anything to anyone,we can express our love sorrows and all sort of emotions.Music is a voiceless which tells everything and share all the problem more than human being.Music help us to memorize our good times with our good ones and near ones.It also creates the memories.

If I talk about music industry then I must say music industry is earning alot.In modern era everybody is a fond of music and every person has their own choice of music some people like sand songs some like hip hop and pop music so companies create the music according to the people's emotions and earn lot of money.Singers are also earning good from their albums and live concerts.They are not only earning money they are getting fame also specially among youngsters.

So,I believe that music is a part of life.It help us to convey our message to anyone without saying anything.Moreover there is a good carrer opportuniy in music.



Manpreet Kaur Gill