Movie is a best way to came out from stress.
  • Mar 3, 2019
  • Prabhjot kaur
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Movie is a best way to came out from stress.

Definition of a movie:-

 movie is defined as any film. It is the special type of communication . Such kind of communication is known as visual communication . In this type of communication moving pictures and sound is used to tell the story of a movie . The aim of any movie is to help the people so that they learn something from a movie . In all over world most people like to see movies. There are various kinds of movie which made for emotions ,for fun,for love .

Some people think that funny movies are made for fun. It means that they think these movies  make them laugh. But for others it means that these kind of movies make them cry of feel afraid.

Movies are made for a particular aim. Any movie can be shown on big screens of movie theater. A movie can be shown for a period of weeks and for months . By dping this they earn money from people. There must be tickets for people to watch a movie.


Where we can watch movies?

We can see movie at television,at theaters,at mobile phones,at laptop,at computers,at tablets etc. All these are the devices where we can watch a movie.

Creation of a movie:-

a movie is made from pictures and sounds. A movie camera can take 25 picture at every second. A sound is recorded at the same time or it can be added later. In movies sounds includes talking of people,music or any sound effects. By adding pictures and such kind of sounds a movie can be made and it would be ready to play on screens . 

Various Types of movies:-

1-Action movies

In this kind of movies ,if there is a heroism ,the fights in these movies involves swords,guns ot krate moves,horseback action etc. In these kinds of movies there is usually a fight between the good guys and the bad guys.

2-Adventurous movie

 These movies are like thrilling stories that takes us to wondeous places. These movies are similar as actions movies . There is a small difference between action movie and an adventurous movie . The actions given to a character is less in adventrous movies.

3-criminal and gangster movies

these kind of movies are made to catch the real criminal which have done any crimes.

4-Dramatic movies

These movies are sensible . After watching 

 These movies we feel that the action is happend with us that is shown in a movie.

5-historical movies

These epic involves elements like war,romance and adventure . These movies are made carefully.

6-animation movies

animation movies are made for enjoyment of young and old. For these kind of movies computer graphics and special efforts are become backbone of these.

There are good imoacts as well as bad impacts of movies. We can describe these positive and negatives as following-

 positive impacts of movies

1-time pass

If we are free at home,there will be an option for us that we can use our phones to chat with friends and we can see anything on our phones. But there is a limit to use our phone. overuse is dangerous for us. Therefore we have to go in theaters to see a movie by which we get entertained and gain some knowledge.

2-Decrease health problems

By wathching movies we can treat patients with depression and mood disorders. By watching a movie a patient get releif from his pain. So it helps to remain a patient happy and also helps to decrease health problems 


Entertainment is the most important reason behind that entire world watch movies. Entertainment can be feel from any movie if a person take him positively.


We get inspired from any movies we have to see the movies by feel it . If we get inspired we will make an inspiration for others.


There are many movies which are made for social issues and these are good for us.

We get awared from movies. We can learn many difficulties from movies. If we are passing from any difficulty then we know that how to go out from these difficulties.


By watching movies, we can increase our knoedge. Because there are so many competitions in which such questions are asked that are related to movies. So we have to know about movies. 


Negative impacts of movie

1-wastage of time

some people watch movies just for entertainment. This is the worst impact of movie. They may spoil their career by wasting their time 

2-Effect on eyesight

 If we are going to watch movies continuously it will be dangerous for our eyesight. we can't see properly . It is the bad impact of movie on us .


(a). Some movies shows how to plan to do a crime. It is not good for our society. It affects society very badly. So we have to avoid to watch action movie or a gangster movie.

(b).Sexual  content in any movie may create an adverse impact on the society.


How we can make movies best for us?

We have to watch movies by knowing the positive and negative impacts of  it.

Because in universe everything has good impacts as well as bad impacts. If a person who watch a movie and take it positively then everything learn from a movie is good  for that person. If he will take it negatively then it is not good for him. So we have to watch a movie by feeling it positively .





Prabhjot kaur