Modern Lifestyle-Impact on physical and mental health with reference to youth
  • Mar 7, 2019
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Modern Lifestyle-Impact on physical and mental health with reference to youth

Lifestyle refers to the way an individual, a family or a society lives in order to cope up with the physical,psychological,social & economic environment .The modern day lifestyle is expressed in both work and leisure behaviours of an individual with respect to activities , attitudes, interest , opinions ,values etc. It also reflects on how a person thinks about themselves or how they want to be seen by others. Modern day living brings with itself a lot of benefits along with the pressure of being the perfect in every aspect of life. With good comes bad, this western lifestyle has brought with itself a lot of new undesired attributes which is affecting the young and old, but has captivated the youth mainly.   


1. Constant Checkers


     With the advancement of social media and technology, there is emergence of "CONSTANT CHECKERS". A constant checker is a person who constantly keeps checking their phones .They are regularly, most likely ,obsessively  checking their Gmails , various social media accounts ,and other sites in order to stay connected to the outside world. this continuous connection in the online world makes a cause for higher stress levels in youths keeping them consistently conscious about their looks and lives.


2.Show Off Culture/Demonstration effect 

Youth today has dived into a daily "TRENDY' ritual of the hash tag (#) world. It has become the new uploading game in which #morning selfies, #candid, #breakfast, #dinner, #couple goals, #wokeuplikethis are a few popular pictures found everyday in the social accounts of the young individuals.Even the food ordered today is based on how it would look in the photograph that is to be uploaded and not on how good it tastes. The urge to look perfect and be famous or to show other people that they are living a beautiful life has had a compulsive effect on youth. They are desperate for likes & views from others on a life online, that is completely contradictory to the life they live offline. They unintentionally become a hurdle in the peace of mind of their own as well as the friends they have on the social media. It leads to highly broken moral spirit and causes inferiority complex


3. Digital Connectivity


24Hours connection to the outside world leads one away from the original world. It has become a priority in everyone’s life to be connected all the time and know the latest news and gossips.We consistently feed ourselves with the worldly stuff and have no time for family and friends in real life.  People wake up to the phone screens and sleep with a phone screen looking at their faces all the time causing a strain on the eyes and pressure on the brain cells


4. Isolation


     Leave a child alone in a room with toys and he will either start crying or panicking, leave a child alone in a room with Smartphone or an iPad and you won’t even realize that there is a child in the house. This is the effect the modern day lifestyle have had on the young minds. Young people today are looking for isolation, to spend the most time with their cellphones, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, messaging their new found love interests constantly, or just wasting time playing video games. They don’t feel the desire to have human company or let’s just say they are now afraid to communicate with people face to face, with no Gifs and Emojis, because without them they are unable to reciprocate their emotions to others.


5. Online Shopping Addiction


      Long gone are the days when women got excited about a luxury shop getting items on sale and  they all planning to go to the market to get the “ON SALE “ stuff together. Welcome to the modern day online shopping spree where you get 80%, 90% and sometime 100% off on deals if you buy items from a particular site. The new culture of online shopping has made the people to sit in the comfort of their homes and order as much as possible. WHY? Because the offers are so attractive that people just can’t control their hands and just add more than required amount of items ,end up spending a whole lot of money and having an over credited bank bill.


6. Sedentary hours


   The sitting back lifestyle is killing us day by day, every hour and every second  . The recent studies have shown a decreased involvement in outdoor sports by the children. The high paying jobs, required to maintain a lavish lifestyle, make the person sit for long hours on their desks in front of computer screens .Obesity has, thus, taken a toll over the health of people . This Obesed person now becomes house for a number of health issues along with a reduced life span .


7. Body Shaping/ Body Modification

  Bible says, ‘God created man in his image’, but it seems that  humans  are not satisfied with what they are gifted with naturally. The surgical procedures , individuals  undergo, involves them to get a new , modified version of themselves which ,they assume ,is a much better self than before. Liposuction, Lip augmentation, breast implants, nose job, hip enlargement are cosmetic surgeries to name a few .


The list of these acquired mannerisms  that make us a liability on our ownselves can go on and on with no end to the suffering they bring with them but the Rudder for a balanced and healthy lifestyle is in our hands.  The choice is with us to not give into this emulation . Go out and feel the warm hug of the nature . Don’t allow the effect  of the unbalanced routine echo in your life.

Love is the solution for all the problems is the world known fact , so bring yourself out  of the monotony of the life that sucks in your peace of mind . Love your body ,Love yourself and don’t let the world govern your lifestyle. Help yourself , and then let your ray of love enter  other people’s life. YOU CAN BRING THE CHANGE YOU WANT.




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