• Mar 4, 2019
  • Damanpreet Singh
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In this blog we shall talk about a short journey from Entry Gate to decorated stage of Marriage Palaces where friends and relatives celebrate the function of 2 innocent souls.... Oh My God I said 2 innocent souls; yes they are innocent because what is happening off the stage is worth experience. The role played by bride and bridegroom's father is like Army Major Head who has a military force of relatives (Raju , Titu , Mitu and Vicky -most common names) who are on a mission to look after children’s  and drunked  people , so that they don't waste plates and bottles.(Alcholic).

Let’s move forward to next participants , I mean ladies further categorized as Mom's , Aunties , Sister, Sister in Law’s , Cousin Sister’s , Cousin Aunties and many more , basically they are not in any mission rather we can easily found them nearby any Food stalls (Tikki , Gol gappe , Chat and yes Dosa ) . The basic gossip is regarding the dress up of other ladies around them. These groups are very happy in functions and the unhappy groups of people are Bride or Bridegroom's Uncle and cousin Uncles who always found mistakes or problems in food items or arrangements. Now these characters are very close relatives of both the united Couples however the party is still yet not finished as many more depressed, upset , strong , weak  and uninvited Ghosts are in attendance with Gifts- either cash or in kind.

Marriage functions are divided into formal and informal invitations but both complement each other…….How? Let’s move inside the Palace….. Colorful Environment , exotic food and last but not the least  drinks which are Unlimited ,no matter how much you are giving to the couples  in return …. Who cares? Kyu Ki ……AAJ MERE YAAR KI SHAADI … YAAR KI SHAADI HAI MERE DILDAAR KI SHADI HAI ………. Imagine how people Dance, those who are happy and those who are on other side and the DJ professionals are very clever as they play the song according to characters and situation .Example if OLD or MATURE characters are dancing then …. BAITH KE DEKH JAWANA BABE BHANGRA PAUNDE NE…. and if ladies and aunties are hitting the floor then …SARE TAN GEHNE MERE MAA PIO NE PAYE .. IKO TAWEET MERE GHAR DA NIII…. JADO LARDA TAN LA DE LA DE KARDA NII…

 Then comes the  recess time which is the most awaited period , the SHOW STOPPER ,  I mean free food. If it is per plate system then the heart is in mouth of Bridegroom’s father or brother or by the military forces well explained in 1st Paragraph….. to make sure that the number of plates initially decided are being used only. No more extra ……. Sometimes things go against them as guests who are uninvited play a major role in disturbing the budget. (HUM NA SAMJHE THE BAAT KISMAT KI KHAAB SHISHE KE DUNIYA PATHAR KI ), but as we say show must go , leave it.

The next session is of gifts or packets of cash which is to be presented to the couples on stage with 1 complimentary group photograph. It’s like a photo shoot where moon and sun are present on the stage for clear selfies and real time picture further to be uploaded on social medias and tagging few friends ….However sometime this tagging can result in a shocking way like:

Ms. X got engaged with Mr. Y and 23 others……(Tagging on Facebook)…..Hahahaha..(Bholi si Surat Ankhon mein Masti Door khadi sharmaye….aye hye…)

Then finally the Beating Retreat Ceremony where girl finally sits in a well decorated car either gifted or on rent (Mangwi Car) with her brother just to make sure that  she is going to the right house which was shown before Marriage. Then after Marriage we all know our life’s….whatever is going on, the person who is right , is only WIFE..

                                          MARRAIAGE PALACE –Thanks….You made it all possible…

Damanpreet Singh