• Mar 3, 2019
  • Gaganpreet kaur
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 Lifestyle is what -"how person lives" we can say that how they try to look in our own way thoughout the world .

       In present times there are many types of life style whuch is shown by people .in different countries there are different ways to live .They live their lives in that unique lifestyle .

In some nations its neccessary to follow that lifestyle which is given by their grandparents .

     LIFESTYLE also shows the reflection of individual's attitude and is also shows some personal identity and it tells about some personal identity,activities,work and values.the word lifestyle also shows a people self image and how they seen themselves and by others.On the other hand we can simply say that it express both work as well as individual's behaviour.

      Lifestyle also comes under different types like safe lifestyle,personal lifestyle,adventure lifestyle  and simple lifestyle so on because some people want advantures in their life so  they try to follow new and intersting  things  on the flip side which people want to go with simple lifestyle they prefer only that much what they have and enjoy some small moments with family and friends and which people lice in personal lifestyle they want only their satisfaction and they like privacy in their life so they dont want any pressurism in their life .

       BUT in current time 'LIFESTYLE' word is a brand and they provide some   stuff of clothes different qualities and sports wears also foe both men's and women's .They ahve some unique collections of clothes of brand lifestyle.

     Further, moving o modern lifestyle    which means a modern way to live.The mofern  lifestyle is tremding now a days specually in new generation because  they follows the lifestyle of  bolllywood stars  or actors and singers.They apply that ideas which stars do in their real life to be a part of modern lifestyle . 

   Furthermore, there are some conponents of lifestyle that will includes  strengths,weakness,positive things and the negatice things happening in their life .so in that life skill plays an imprtat role to know about a peerfect life style and the perfect life style is that which people or the individual's can satisfied with their lives so thta they have  things which they want to achieve and they achieve they spend their good lifestyle  with alll satisfaction and happiness.

   on the flip side which people spend thie lifestyle by following others theyaare condisered as they depend on others becouse some people love to wear what they want or waht looks like unique or sometimes fromwhich lifestyle they satisfied . In some situations one can huave to adjust in that ligestylewhuch they are not living .For example:if someone can move to another country so they have to follow  all the rules and regulations of that country which they moved so sometime its difficult to adjust because it can cause lot of problems like that specific country language,living standards,food ,some differnt festivs etc.so in that way the whole living lifestyle of that sspecific person chnged.

   The main thing is that some himanbeings try to chnge their lifestyle according to the time so hey tyr new fashions, activities , and gaining extra knowledge from others which is useful  because we all have to face some chnge in life at some point so this chnages makes us strong and also makes people braver to deal with any situtaion because life is depend on chnges .id no chnge in people lifestyle they stay only at one point they don't have any idea to deal with difficult situation because some people  want chnge in thei lives.

    To wrap up i cam say that the life style is depend what people want to prefer or to which criteria they follows to enjoy their lifestyle .Because we can't force someone to follow that lifestyle whuch we want as we know everyone's has a own choice to choose life according  to their thunking amd preferences .so wnjoy life with full of hapiness and do what u want .

Gaganpreet kaur