Let's enjoy life with creative music
  • Mar 3, 2019
  • prabhjot kaur
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Let's enjoy life with creative music

"Music" when we listen this word then definitely every body feel relax and some says it reduce our every type of attention. There is many kind of music which is heard by people according to their taste. Now a days it's a trend to listen music first then go for another work. People totally depend on it. Furthermore,If there is any function and any other thing which individual wants to share with us then first they prefer to listen music or sing a songs. Even more now a days various type of music is there which may motivate the people or may be it changes or spoil the track of life. According me this type of music is called external music which is just a time pass for people because it is not their Part of part. This kind of music is only outside music which is not a integral part of human beings . Due to this now a days so many crimes are going on and people just change their track. There is no of incidents happen which is only happen because of outside or we can say external music. Addition to more in this is that this kind of music is just a show off for some people. No doubt sometimes it really changed our mind but for little extent then here is one question arise then what is real music where we listen it?????? 

On the contrary side which is very important and real music of every one that is called soul music which is not known by everyone or we can say it's very rare and it's not listen by every people. What is this? When we listen it?  Is it reduce our tension stress like outside music. In whole world very few people who listen the soul music which is always sing for us in every minute but we don't care of it because we have no time for this we just want to only that what our external music tells us not that what our internal music tells. 

Lets take a instance of me, when I reached in the last step of my success then immediately I goes down and reach at first step again at that time when I listen the external music the there is no effect on my mind it just heard by my ears but is doesn't give me any happiness or sadness and also not realise my mistake, why??  But after some times when I listen the soul music in myself then I stand up again and ready for work again. It gives me real happiness so it is only a real music which is inside me and You which incourge us to goes towards success. It is our creative music which always with us. But it is very difficult to listen it because it is hidden in every one. Some people show it outside but people are not. There is a trend now to follow other people music which is never gives You success so it's your duty to find this unique entertainment rather than spend so much money on external music for getting happiness motivation. All type of music inside You when You listen this music then You understand all the creativity of GOD. 

At last, there is always two type of people one who do every thing in their life without telling anything to us and we just watch and think how they can do?  One who always see dreams with closed eyes and thinks we will do. We will listen music only from outside. Music is like that which totally changed your life not like that which spoil your life. 


Prabhjot kaur