Integral Communication
  • Feb 16, 2019
  • Jambu Lukudu
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Integral Communication

Integral Communication 

Sounds are all around us ,from birds , chirping and waves lapping against a coastline car hanking a traffic but when sounds are put together in purposeful ways to create a specific atmosphere for feeling the moment or to express ideas or emotions such organised sounds are called music. As it's a collection of coordinated sounds making music a process of putting sounds and tones in order , often combining them to create a unified composition and are for desired result with use of modes such as sounds, vibrations and silent moments and it does not always have to be pleasant and pretty as long as it's use to convey whole range of experiences, environment and emotions .

Musics not only varies from country to another but also from village to village since it's more than just aesthetic expression that's linked to dance , gesture and dramatization it permeate human being life and has a very important function  that it plays in the strong  African culture  heritage  through singing  as mothers sing to thier babies while carrying them building an inherent sense of rhythm that is dynamic and in vibrant form  . Musics is used in  teaching and stories telling providing guidance to make stages of life and death  . Music is divided into numerous categories based on the elements, temperament and tone. Below are some popular types :

  • Hip Hop the famous musics type gained from the western culture liked by the youth today so much and its elements are graffiti art rapping which refers to uttering rhymes over beat .

  • Jazz this kind has originated as gospel it's often identified by it's strong and prominent meter. 

  • Rock it's mainly a dance musics admired for it's strong beat but simple melodies characterized by basic drum beat. 

  • Blues this is associated with sorrows songs.  It has been framed by the combination of African and western cultures. 

 Musics is a blissful art which admired by almost everyone with its endless combination of instruments voices and sounds that rock around us and make us feel relaxed and forgot about our problems for a while  because they are not only appealling to ears some are confronting or emotionally and spiritually charged .


Jambu Lukudu