• Mar 3, 2019
  • Gurleen Kaur
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Importance of Digital Marketing in today's era

In digital India, Digital marketing has become the necessity of today's era. It has become the part and parcel of google's world, its index, ranking, ads and indirect revenue generation system. Digital marketing can be done in two modes, one is organic and other is paid. In organic marketing we do marketing of the product through the means which are unpaid. Examples of this type of marketing includes Search engine optimization, search media optimization and various other means. Various components used in search engine optimization are meta tags, meta keywords, meta description, robots.txt file and sitemap. In social media optimization, we do marketing of the product by using various social media channels like facebook, linkedin, google+, youtube and many more. We design customize ads for the product by creating original ad content. Then these ads are used to promote the product. In Paid campaigning, we usually run paid campaigns and enrol our product in affiliate marketing. Here, we pay money to various large organizations like facebook and google to run our paid ads on various web resources, who usually have high traffic resources. These paid campaigns are used to generate leads for the product and get the recognition for the same. Affiliate marketing are used to give and get affiliations of our product with the different websites. Usually various websites get charges for refering our product on their websites or in the google list of top 10 products. This type of marketing is used to help our product to get famous and familiar on the web. In affiliate marketing if we get our product searched on the web, then based on the region, website owner can get money for the impressions received. Along with promoting the business, digital marketing is also used to fetch indirect revenue from the bigger copanies like google adsense or youtube ads. If our website meet the guidelines and content policies of these programmes, then they allow to publish ads on our website by giving the adcode. Depending upon the click through rate, impressions achieved and area where your ad is displayed, this adsense programme give money to the adsense client. So, by getting thorough knowledge of the skills of the digital marketing we can get varied benefits from this emerging technology. It is very beneficial for the customers of software field due to its advantages. There are many easy and knowledgeable material is present on the web itself to get understanding for the concepts of digital marketing. One can also be an enterpreneur by using the benefits of this field. For example a person can become excellent content writer and start his business of blogging for digital marketing. In this field, importance is given to the concept of creative writing. People who dont have sound knowledge of english, dont have good grammatical skills, thus are not much efficient writer can also be part of this field. As the main skill to possess is having creativity in writing. We should be able to convey our idea in an efficient and optimal manner. To be the part of this field, we can start writing with easy blog topics, like entertainment blogs, environmental blogs, blog posts on education and many more. We all are very much familiar with these general topics. Thus, it is not very difficult for us to write about such blog posts. If we get to know the skills of writing, we can easily be part of digital marketing profession.

Hence we got to know that digita marketing is not only limited to SEO, SMO, Content Writing, Blogging, Paid campaigns, but it is the field in which we can show our innerself by blending all the creativity and welcoming the opportunity to become an enterpreneur.

Gurleen Kaur