HYPER LOOP 5th form of transportation
  • Mar 3, 2019
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HYPER LOOP 5th form of transportation

We are living in emerging world and through drastic change in the technology trains will be replaced by hyperloops and this project is in underconstruction which is developed by Elon musk and he is the founder and CEO of Tesla motors, Paypal and SpaceX. 

Hyperloop is 21st century transportation revolution, it consists of a low pressure tube with capsules that are transported at both low and high speeds throughout the length of the tube. A high level alpha design for the system was published on Aug 12, 2013 in a white paper posted on a Tesla and SpaceX blogsIt is a high speed capsule that can travel at a speed of 760mph (1220kph). Which is twice de speed of commercial plane.


Due to high traffic US govt passed a project of fast bullet train between LA and SF called it as “California High Speed Rail” with $68.4 Billion

USD Investment. Musk was disappointed by it because average speed of this train 164 mph (264 kph) between San Francisco and Los Angeles and travel time of 2 hours and 38 minutes between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Moreover, average one-way ticket price of $105 one-way (reference). Compare with $158 round trip by air for September 2013 and Compare with $115 round trip by road.So musk thought of overcoming it.



Capsule of a hyperloop consist a motors rotorpart, on board power, compressor,

suspension equipments passengers and luggage compartments.Capsules of hyperloop are of two types

? Passenger capsule

? Passenger plus vehicle capsule.

 Each hyperloop system will consist of 40capsules in a tube.


The main Hyperloop route consists of cylindrical tube that connects the Los Angeles and San Francisco stations in a closed loop system. The expected pressure inside the tube will be maintained around 0.015 psi (100 Pa), which is about 1/6 the pressure on Mars.The tube is made up of steel and will be welded together in side by side. Pylons are placed at every 30 m to support the tube and the Solar array will cover the top of the tubes. The inner diameter of a tube is 7ft 4inch

Linear induction motor

? Lighter capsule.

? Smaller capsule dimensions.

? The lateral forces exerted by the stator on the rotor though low at 0.9 lbf/ft (13 N/m) are inherently stabilizing. This simplifies the problem of     keeping the rotor aligned in the air gap.

As we know now thw world is depending upon the renewable source of energy. Hence in this Hyperloop solar array will be installed to save other natural resources

Solar array

  • Solar array also stores the energy for night requirements and also during cloudy day conditions


Hyperloop system will require total investment of $6 billion to $16 billion USD, where as the total investment for bullet train for the same 350 miles route is $68.4 billion USD which is much more than the hyperloop cost.


A new mode of transport is needed that has benefits of the current modes without the negative aspects of each. Following are the requirements of this new high speed transportation system:

1. Road (inexpensive, slow, usually not environmental friendly)

2. Air (expensive, fast, not environmental friendly)

3. Rail (expensive, slow, often environmentally friendly)


As it has number of advantages thus it is very helpful for transportation of public as well as good in very less time as it will cover the distance of 350 miles between LA to SF in just 35 minutes.

As there will be a 40 capsules each containing 28 passenger on board and the average departure time between two capsules is 2 minutes. The capacity would be 840 passengers per hour. The low cost of traveling on Hyperloop is likely will results in increased demand, thus it will help in decreasing road , rail and air traffic which will ultimately results in decreased pollution level and thus conservation of fossil fuels.

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Harpreet singh
Harpreet singh