How little changes in your lifestyle can outshine your health
  • Feb 15, 2019
  • Prabhjot Kaur
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How little changes in your lifestyle can outshine your health

Lifestyle is how someone lives. Lifestyle includes everything that inhabitants of one specific region do in a specific time. It means the behavior and the tasks that a person does in his/her daily life. These activities include the work we do in our day to day life, leisure time activities that we perform, the food items we eat, the type of physical exercises, workout, spending time with family and relatives and having fun. The lifestyle is highly affected by geographical area, culture, religion, caste, nationality and many other factors including weather conditions of the region. Although every region has its unique adapted lifestyle but it is changing because of the impact of other regions. A person learns to behave in a specific way from experiences that person gain from home, school, college/university and from the people he/she meets.  

How lifestyle affects our health

Just look closely to your daily routine and observe the ways in which you are harming your body and mind. After your keen observation you will understand the fact that you are running after the money for a happy and stress-free life. But the good thing is you can change the way you live your life.

Changes that you should make to your lifestyle

You can make small changes to your lifestyle to make your health even healthier. Below is the list of possible modifications in your lifestyle that will lead you to beautiful health.

  • Warm water: Drink at least two glasses of warm water immediately after waking up. Avoid drinking ice cold water, after drink warm water whether it is summer season or not.

  • Right time of drinking water: Don’t drink water with or after eating anything. If your food is too try then you can add some other liquid instead of water.

  • Sound sleep: Get at least 6 hours of sound sleep. The sleep between 10 p.m to 4 a.m is gold, as studied by many researchers.

  • Dangerous Food Combinations: There are some food items that when eaten together is dangerous to human health. These combinations of eatables slowly poison human body. You need to be very cautious when eating these poisons. Now, you might ask "How do I know which food combinations I need to avoid?" Well, here is the answer. Click here to see the detailed list of poisonous food combinations.

  • Junk Food: This is quite obvious and well known important fact that you might already know. But what's challenging in this point is that how you can become determined. You are smart and you well know about the negative effects of burger, pizza and noodles but you can't help it. Let me give you one tip. You can reward yourself for not eating junky. You should save money to buy new clothes that you might otherwise spent on junk. You can also replace your favorite snacks with healthy alternatives. Click here get details about best alternatives for junk food.

  • Reduce time for technology and devoting it for loved-ones: You might be reading this post on your smartphone, PC or tablet and that's the good thing because the technology is giving you unlimited access to this type of useful information. But there are two sides of a coin. You need to make balance between your health and Internet. You need to make a decision to keep yourself away from all devices for at least once a week. Instead of spending too much time on Internet, you can spare your precious time with your family, relatives, friends and even alone with nature. This point if implemented fully is booster for your health.  

  • Avoid unwanted medications: Whenever you or you near-ones feel even a little pain or discomfort you always rush to doctor and never hesitate to take those chemicals known as medicines. It's not that medicines are not good for you but it totally depends on type of discomfort you might experience. Allelopathy medicines can make you addicted and they interfere with natural body curing system. These chemical tend to suppress the cause but actually we need to remove that foreign bodies. Don't take medication for stomach ache, headache, muscle pain and like other little pains that our body can itself cure. You should consult allelopathy doctor when injuries are severe or you seek surgeries. If required prefer ayurveda otherwise rest your body and take help from home remedies and you comfort will be regained.

Prabhjot Kaur