Gossips : Talking behind the back
  • Mar 4, 2019
  • Priyanka
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Gossips : Talking behind the back



Tattling is an informal conversation about the personal or private affairs of others. Also well known as gossip, is usually about other people's business. It can be fun to chit chat about others but no one likes it when they are the subject of tattling. There are so many people in the world who love to chat about the stories of others and latest rumors people love to talk about like dating marrying or divorcing etc. But don't trust everything you hear, because gossip is not always correct. Sometimes people say things from their own.

 No one claims to like the gossips, but everyone enjoys.

The person who spreads rumors about others is known as gossiper. Whether somebody admits it or not, but everybody have engaged in the gossiping process at some point in life.

 Sometimes the gossiper spreads wrong information about a person, i.e. tells you the   negative information. At that time the recipient/you might believe that the gossiper will also spread negative information about them/you. This causes the gossiper's coercive power to increase.

When a gossiper spreads the positive information about a person, their recipient may believe that the gossiper will also spread the positive information about them. This causes the gossiper's reward power to increase.

When a gossiper seems to have in depth knowledge of either the organization's values or about others in the work environment, their expert power becomes enhanced.

Positive Gossip: Everyone used to say that gossiping is bad thing but it is not true.  If you talk positively about others this will lift your own spirits and it will also affect the recipients and inspire them.

There are some steps to do positive gossips.

  1. Speak positive things: Try to speak in positive manner. Give yourself a challenge to tell your recipients about good things of your friends and colleagues. I am sure that it will make you feel happy. Focus on the positive gossips always.

  2. Convert negative gossips to positive one: Whenever you get involved in negative gossips, try to shift it from negative to positive talk.  When somebody tells negative information about others, do not start talking negatively with him or her, try to convert the conversation into positive one.

When you will talk about others positively, people will feel trust in you.

 Benefits of gossips: There are so many benefits of gossips

Self-improvement:  Gossips will help you to improve yourself. Like when you are the recipient and someone tells you the negative things of other. If those bad things are also present in you then you will surely improve yourself.

Stress reliever: Another major benefit of gossips is that you will feel relaxed. Researchers from the University of California found that the participants of chit chat found so much relief. It will help  

Protect society: Gossips will alert others to become a victim of a trouble.  Sometimes there may be a situation which had caused to someone and when you talk about that situation to others. It will help them to be alert and safe from that same situation.

Build a trustworthy relation: If you talk about others with your friends or colleague, it will build a trustworthy relation between you and your friends. When you share private information with others they are more likely to work with you.

Positive gossip will change the point of views of others about you:  your positive gossips will change the behavior of recipients towards you. If the recipients have some negative points about you in their minds, they might change their thinking about you.

“Gossip dies when it hits a wise person‘s ear.”