Ghostwriting- A Demanding Profession
  • May 31, 2019
  • Jastinder kaur
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Ghostwriting- A Demanding Profession

Have you ever heard of the term "Ghostwriting"?

I presume your answer is Yes.

Still, if you have no idea about it, then I feel you must know about it because it has something to deal with the leading professions these days.

Ghostwriting is all about writing something on behalf of others and give whole credit to them, and getting no recognition for your work.

Now you must think that what is the fun of giving whole credit to someone else and why anyone will do it?

So, I am sure after reading this article even you can make your mind of going in this field.

Ghost writers are the people who write some sort of content like articles, blogs, journals or speeches for others, but they themselves do not get credit for that. They just write something and give all the rights of publishing, editing, or selling to others.

There are many reasons of choosing this profession like

1. Financial Benefit-

 Ghostwriting is a lucrative profession. If you are a good writer and you wish to make money out of it, then Ghostwriting is the perfect option for you. In case of the ordinary 9 to 5 job, it is tough to manage the day-to-day expenses. Hence, everyone needs extra income. So, you can offer your service of writing to others by hiding your name. No one will ever know that you have some external or exceptional income source, but you will gain benefit of leading a luxurious life style by earning more.

Ghost writers generally demand more money than other regular writers because they don't think of own image or the popularity. They let others take credit of their own original work. There is no legal or right way of offering the service of Ghostwriting. Even no documentation or legal process is there between the Ghostwriter and the credit taker/ credit stealer. Therefore, ghostwriters can demand money as per their own wish. Most of the Ghostwriters work on hourly basis, so, they ask for the money for the hours which they will devote to complete the specific project. If you are an experienced writer, you probably know how much time is needed to complete a particular consignment and you can add extra 2 or 3 hours in total amount for the project because it usually takes more time to write anything than the expected time. Writing in time constraints is never possible.

Isn't it nice to earn exceptionally well by doing the task in which you have interest?

If you think in the same way, then go for Ghostwriting.

2. Relationships with great personalities-

Ghostwriting opens your way to develop good relationships with others.


Well, the ghost writers are often hired by the famous and the great personalities to write something on their behalf. The people who have some talent and are popular in one field, they want public to know about their life struggle and the happening of their life.

However, it is not necessary that those famous people are good writers as well. Therefore, they need someone who can present or write their story in impressive or expressive words. Some people know what to write, while others know how to write. So, the person who has knowledge that what to write, he requires someone else who knows how to write. In this way, the demand of ghostwriters comes into existence. 

The credit taker contacts the Ghostwriter and tells about the things to be written. Later, the Ghostwriter converts the ideas or the story in words, and it is then published on the behalf of that person who hired the Ghostwriter.

For writing, the Ghostwriter has to conduct regular meetings with the personalities who have hired them, which helps them to develop good relationships with each other.

3  More opportunities as freelancers-

Starting profession as Ghostwriter provides a plethora of other opportunities as well. You can even work as a freelancer at your own pace. If your work is liked by the mob, the chances of getting more work increase. Most of the writers want to keep consistency in their writing. So, after getting one piece of writing from you, they will try to give next tasks to you because it supports them to convince the public that the content is written by them only.

So, becoming a freelancer and getting extra work is trouble free here.

4. Gain knowledge-

Not everyone has knowledge of every topic.As a Ghostwriter, you may have need of writing on various topics. Unlike your ability, you may have need of writing in varying Niche. For this, in depth research is to be done before writing. During this process, you develop the ability to learn. Your grasping power improves for many topics as you can be curious to know about things about which you have to write 

Now, isn't is interesting to opt the profession of Ghostwriting?

But now the question arises-

Is it legal or ethical to be a Ghostwriter?

It is hard to say, but as far as I know it is not written in any law that Ghostwriting is illegal. There isa  compromise between the ghostwriter and the person who hires him. Its one's own wish to offer/ provide his work to someone else with all the rights. Ghostwriting is a kind of problem as plagiarism. If plagiarism is illegal, then Ghostwriting should also be unethical. However, there is no issue of copywriting in Ghostwriting as the writer himself does not claim any right, so, any law can't restrict doing this work.

Thus, decision of Ghostwriting is always satisfactory, worthwhile, and profitable. Just go for it if you have appropriate skills and  ideas of writing.

Jastinder kaur