Full-Funnel Content Strategy
  • Jun 8, 2019
  • Damanpreet Singh
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Full-Funnel Content Strategy

Customer is the KING of the market which makes or demake a company. The Full Funnel Content Strategy focuses only at Customer, to know what exactly is in demand , to know how to fulfill this Demand , to know make sure Customer are in process of buying , to sell the product or services with full confidence.  This strategy aims at the Concept of "ACTION" not thinking.

The Concept:

1. Attarct: Connect to the Customer mentally and emotionally, give him awareness of the product or services and make sure you are with him till he finally consumes.

2. Engage: Make sure your customer is in the product, he asks Questions, he creates interest , provide benefits of the product or services , should be according to his pocket and willingness to buy.

3. Convert: Finally, sell your product or services .FINAL CONVERSION.

4. Feedback: The POST BUYING behavior

5. CRM: Customer Relationalship Management- Maintain a good relation and take refernces or leads from him.

This FULL FUNNEL strategy helps in good marketing of product or services and concept is :








This strategy not only aims at how to sell the product but also to check the post behavior of consumer. As a company we must concentrate on the feedback because it is a survival and growth strategy. There is a difference between customer and consumer however in some cases a single individual can be both, we need to seek the outcome for our product not only in terms of profits but also in terms of satisfaction.





Taste and preferences of the consumer changes from time to time, day to day and year by year , now what we need to do ?. This full funnel content strategy should be put in to know how a consumer shifts his product choice because he makes decision after comparing and evaluating the same product of different companies may be in terms of quality, price, branding or satisfaction. We have to make sure not only to retain the customer but also to get gain from that customer in terms of getting leads and references and to increase the market for that particular product.

Now, the role played by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team or department is the most valuable asset for any company. We are not only selling the product, we have to retain or maintain a good & healthy relationship with our customer. The best examples are motor companies which have their strong CRM department to give their customer full satisfaction and reminding them time by time about the free services offered after buying the product. CRM only aims at how to make sure that customer is happy and refer their product to his peer groups. For instance, if you need to resolve an issue for a customer, your representatives will be able to retrieve all activity concerning that customer, including past purchases, preferences, and anything else that might help in finding a solution quickly. In this way, you can receive continuous feedback from your customers regarding your products and services.

FULL Funnel Content Strategy includes content which aimed at prospective buyers at all the points of sales funnel whether within the national boundaries or international. FFCS makes or creates an image of  the company, this new technology has been used to focus mainly on Customers who are the Ultimate decider for the organization from the point of interest generation to retention this strategy describes all. The FFCS strategy is concerned with both markets from B2B and B2C.

So , make your Customer happy , retain them and also  they play a role in marketing your product which is called silent selling policy.


Damanpreet Singh