Freelancing - An exposure toward corporate while sitting at home
  • Feb 12, 2019
  • Manjinder kaur
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Freelancing - An exposure toward corporate while sitting at home

Freelancing is not a new term in the corporate market or for professionals. This is a key area to use your skills and go forth in the field of technology. Internet is providing the users an interactive way of communication. Everything one can do via video conferencing, document sharing while sitting at home. The brief idea of making money using freelancing is to use any of the freelancing site which helps client to interact with the user. Client will share their problem with the chosen developer. The problem is then coded in the form of projects. Thus one can use their skills while sitting at home. Without any worry of wasting time to travel from here to there, having some health issue or any other reasons for not being available at the workplace. Numerous international projects are been developed by our country in this manner. So move ahead and share your skills so that you can connect to this digital world in a positive manner. This will help to keep our social as well as economical level better than before. 

The one thing Indians need today is the self motivation to remove the UNEMPLOYMENT. The main reason behind the unemployment is lack of jobs. For someone carrying their educational degrees in their hand with no jobs must go for opportunities like freelancing. Freelancing can be done by anyone of any gender and any age. The perspective of using freelancing is to use the technical skills and upgrading it as per time.

Who should think about using freelancing and why ??

Freelancing could be a good source of employment for those who are students of the colleges or even college pass out, this could be used by ones working under companies or for those too who want to work under some international brand companies. The reasons to be a part of freelancing network could be anything out of these:

  1. One can work from their home

  2. No stress of boss and hard deadlines

  3. Resource of earning extra income

  4. To get rid from being unemployed

  5. If somebody plans for making their own company. So just to get to know about the projects or client

  6. For students who just finished internship in some good platform based companies

There ia a news by The Times Of India that 60% of the engineering graduates are unemployed. So freelancing can be a good option for these students with having internship. By giving your clients time of your choice for discussing key concepts of projects is benefit of freelancing. Feeding mothers, employees in their office vacation or number of employees in any team can collaboratively make a freelancing project depending upon their time availability.

Things to keep in mind for freelancing

One should know that more than 2 client projects for freelancing at a time can cause lots of burden. Thus the workload or work dependency should keep in mind. Another thing one should know before going for freelancing is that the infrastructure should be installed before project initiates. Thus initial investment for the freelancing projects is always required. The project should be done on-time to stay away from undesired client calls.

There could be a case of electronic payment fraud while paying for some project. So be sure to not share your card details with anyone. The payment should always be in safe manner. Try to use some encrypted platform for electronic transactions.

However, with all this discussion written above the main idea about freelancing is to use this platform for good purpose and to keep yourself economically fit rather to wasting the time.  Give it a try if you are spending your time sitting idle.

Manjinder kaur