• Mar 10, 2019
  • Rahul
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FREELANCE JOB- Freelance job is one way there any person work for himself. In the simple language we can say that Freelance job is best opportunity in career field. Here every person work for his money any own benifits.

WORK- In this field we can work for many different different companies product and projects. In the simple way in this field we do not a particular work means in this field we do many different different work. After completing the work then company give money for this work.

WORK TIME- In this work not not required anyany bounding time. In the simple way here is time freedom depends upon us because here we do work for not a company only for own benifits.

JOB OR BUSINESS- We can't say this work is job because job required particular time but here is time freedom and in the job we do work for company benifits but here we work for own benifits and in the job we can do only in one company but here we can do work in many different different companies. So FREELANCING is business.

REQUIREMENT FOR FREELANCING- If we want to become freelancer then many qualities are important for FREELANCING. In the simple way we can say that without any skills and qualities any person can not become freelancer because freelancing is depends on skills. If we have multiple skills like writing skills, creativity skills, bloging skills, etc then we become a good freelancer.

FREELANCING WORK- Many different different websites are present on the internet there we can go and upload his profile and skills and bio etc and there we can upload our work then people gives you work for his requirements and after completing the work they will pay money. With the help of different different skills we can upload our profile different different websites and take many works and earn large amounts.

SELF BUSINESS- During the freelancing work we can earn large money and we can create one time when we are very famous for freelancing then we can open own company and hired good person for work.

START FREELANCING- Freelancing is good opportunity for career field. Every person start this work without any investment but knowledge and skills are most important thing for freelancing. In the simple way firstly we will achieve knowledge and build skills then I will definitely start our career in freelancing. In the simple Language without learning we can not start earning. So college time is the best time for start freelancing. After college study we can start easily freelancing.

GOOD OR BAD- Freelancing is bad for those people who start freelancing but without any skills and not responsible for his work and does not work properly. Freelancing is good for those people who start freelancing after gaining the skills and knowledge and they are responsible for his work and task. So in the simple way we can say that freelancing is good for every skillfull person.

COMPETITION IN FREELANCING- we can see that competition is present in whole career field. Without competition we can not achieve any thing in this world. In the simple way we can say that competition is the part of life. It is important for every person in every field. Competition is present in freelancing field but not present at a big level because freelancing field is skills based field so if we have good skills then we are winner in this field.

MORAL-  At the end we see that after completing study many students face unemployment then they start non educated work. This is not true. But freelancing is a single way there every person build his career with the help of his skills and they start this work in part-time or full-time.