Family Travel- True Bliss
  • Mar 6, 2019
  • Jastinder kaur
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Family Travel- True Bliss

Travel.... Travel.... Travel

Is it the word which fascinates you always?

I am with that ratio of the public whose reply is positive for this question.

Travelling is a fun, but can you imagine being at home always and not travelling anywhere?

Life without travelling can be monotonous, tedious and unintetesting.

No entertainment, No fun, No enjoyment

And who likes this kind of life?

 Of course, none.

Then, why not planning the excursions??

I assume all of you may have visited several places in life. This travelling must be with someone significant or solo. However you travel and with whom you travel, it means a lot and shows your actual personality. In most cases, we all prefer going out with friends, colleagues, and other individuals who are not part of our family, but still they are close to us.

In this, we generally forget about the family members like our parents, children or the siblings. Still, do you know the importance of travelling with family?

Have you ever experienced the feeling of togetherness with family?

Well, family travel offers a number of advantages. I am going to highlight them here because it provides the real pleasure and joy.

# Benefit 1-  Family Bonding

No one can build good relationships with others without spending time. No doubt, we live in the same home with our family members, but how much time you devote to your family matters.

To be true, as if I am at home, my most of time is consumed by my mobile and other routine activities. I hardly have time for my parents. This is not just my case, it often happens with everyone because human beings in modern era keep themselves engaged in virtual activities. So, they need something special outside the home where the phones get less attention and focus can be on family interactions.

By going on excursion together, the parents come to know about the children's likes and dislikes.

They discover the activities which their kids enjoy the most.

At that time, people share ideas and problems about various things with the individuals around them. When family is around, this ideas/ thought sharing brings a major difference in their life as the family members discover the secrets of each other. It helps to build good and strong relationships with each other in the family.

# Benefit 2- Lifelong memories

Visiting anywhere itself is so much entertaining that we create memories for life. Isn't it true?

Then how family travel is different?

Can you thing of any situation as childhood friends stay with you till adulthood?


Are colleagues or other special people with you for years and will they stay forever?

You are very Lucky if your answer for the above questions is Yes.Unfortunately, most of us have to say No here.

But...... Family members are those people who stay with us till the last breath. Therefore, the memories made by travelling with them remain with us for lifetime. This brings light moments even at home.

So, if you enjoy having memories for life, keep planning the trips with family. It will always be a great source of fun.

# Benefit 3- Stress buster

Nowadays, everyone works for whole day, and there is no time to spend with family. In this tight schedule of work, life becomes hectic and devoting time to children seem Next to impossible.

Parents have stress of earning well to fulfil all the needs of their kids, but while working, they forget that relaxation is also important. Hence, they remain stressed always.

Now, what is the way out??

Travel with family, obviously.

You can take your children with you to any place where you can enjoy. This will give break from the monotony and you can be more productive later.

Wow... Family and Relaxation, both together. What else can be the real pleasure?

#Benefit 4- Develop Problem Solving Skill

Problem Solving by travelling??

Confused of it?

Even in the well planned trips, there are some issues that we face like forgetting something essential,  finding hotel, boarding flight or many more.

The list is limitless. So, solving these problems become necessity if you have to enjoy the trip. While finding the way out, you deal with the family members to know about the possible solutions. This supports in inculcating the ideas and the required skills of problem solving.

# Benefit 5- Learn from Experience

Facing anything in life brings experience. True wisdom is in learing from the experience.

While travelling with family, mostly children do activities which they didn't enjoy in past. By this, they grasp the information about many things which are worth remembering. If they just read about them in books, they will forget easily as rote learning is needed for it. Otherwise, experiencing the life and learning with family is great source of amusement.

This learning by having experience remains forever. Thus, the pivotal role of travelling is to offer opportunity of learning.

That's all about the Family Travel. Hope this encourages you to plan upcoming vacations with your family.

Keep Travelling, Keep Enjoying. 

Jastinder kaur