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Environment effects



Before discuss the effect of environment, first we discuss about environment.


ENVIRONMENT: An environment is the surrounding place or conditions that affect the persons and also effect from persons. It may be categorized into two fields these are:


1.  NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: Nature environment is consist                   living and non living things. The nature environment is affected from human activities. The nature has Air, water and trees etc.


 The nature provides many features to those things those are lived in an environment. It effects each and every things those are belongs and lived in nature. Every component/source in nature has its own importance.


Basically the source of nature are follows, each source has its own function and importance.








AIR: It is a main source of nature, by using this source of nature all living things are surviving as without this we cannot live even for one second. So this is very important source nature that gives to us.

The air includes many gases like oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide etc. Oxygen is very important for human beings to live. The carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases have its own importance.

WATER: It is the second source of environment which is very important. The water come from mounts then goes to rivers and from the rivers it goes to every town and city. The people use water for various purpose also the animals need water for drinking. The people use water for drinking, washing clothes, cleaning homes etc.

TREES: Nature consist many trees. The trees are balance the environment. It produces oxygen when this made her food using sunlight. This oxygen is necessary for every person to live in an environment.

SUNLIGHT: It is the biggest source of light in nature. Using this source we have done multiple works in day. The sunlight is use to make a food for plants and when this process is active the oxygen gas is produce. This gas is used by human for breathing.

ANIMALS: The nature consist many types of animals. The people love these animals. He has taken animal at the homes. Some animals are use for human food that makes good body and energy.



There are many causes that affect the nature. These are explains as follows:

FACTORIES: the factories are the main cause that effects the environment. When factory producing new product during production a lot of material are wasted .this material cannot be further use. when this material combine with other nature sources then it damage the other nature sources. For example sometime the some part of wasted material combine with cleaned water then is damage the cleaned water. When   this water is used by human then it is harmful.

MORE POPULATION: Increasing populations is the one of main cause of nature effect. Because when there is large populations then their needs were can be increased. So it use more nature sources like it need more earth for living  then he cutting more trees.

HUMAN ACTIVITIES: The human activities are also the main cause that affects the nature. Human use nature resources to fulfilment she /he needs. For example human need earth to lived so he cutting the trees. when he cutting trees the environment is affected. He uses animals as food. He is eating the animals. By human activities the nature environment is unbalanced.

EARTH QUAKE: This is biggest problem in an environment that effects each and every things those lived in environment. So many things are damaged due to this effect.



1. It gives the earth for living the humans.

2. It gives water.

3. It gives sunlight.



1.  Nature activities can badly effect the environment such as


2. Polluted water can cause many problems that living things are faced.

3.  Polluted air is affected environment.






2.  HUMAN   ENVIRONMENT: Environment is the place surrounding all persons. The human environment is close to humans. This environment can affect humans mostly. The surrounding environment can build good or bad people. Each person character is depending on her environment.


In every field environment play important role in every person life .for example at collages, at home, at school, at company etc. Each person can affect him/her environment. Even the character of every person depends on her environment. A good environment can make a good character of person. The person can gain many skills from her environment. The person behaviour depends on her environment.











1. CAN BUILD A SUCCESSFUL PERSON: Human environment is building a Successful person. Because the person is affected from her   environment.

2. MOTIVATION: If a person live in good environment then the environment is motivated the person as well as needed that make the person successful in the life and achieve her goals.

3. GOOD CHARACTER: the environment is help to make a good character of person. In an environment the good character person was lived then it helps to other person to build a good character.

4. BUILD NEW SKILLS: environment consist a lot of talent. So the person is gained new skills from an environment. When the person go to collages and school to learn education , then the school or collages cant not provide only education it provide more other skills that help to person is successful in life.

5. GOOD MANNERS: environment make good manner, like respect to other, way of talking, maintain discipline, clean the environment etc. from the society and the schools the person take manners. The school and collages are helps the person to  make the good manner like discipline .it gives the assignment to students when the student submit these assignment then the punctuality is build in the student.

6. PROPER GUIDANCE: if an environment consist educated persons then   person can take good guidance from the other people that live in an environment.

7. SUPPORTED: an environment is support to other people like there are rich person or poor person in are lived in an environment, the rich person can support the poor person. So the environment can support the other person.



1. FROM SOCIETY ENVIROMENT: if the lives in bad people society then the person is affected by those people. For example in a society many people uses drugs the then the other person are affected from him .the other people can use the drugs. When the people use the drugs then it face many other problems. Sometime rudely behaviour people are live in an environment then the other people can be affected from her and these people way of talking is not good.

2. FROM COLLAGES AND SCHOOLS: from the school and collage environment the student learns many things. If the school and collages are not making and follow any discipline then how can the student lived in discipline .Discipline is a very important part in every person .so that from school and collage environment the person are affected.

3. FROM HOMES : each person is affected her home environment . for example  if in family more  person are educated then it give the guidance to other person that live in family if the family is not educated then her child is not interested in education.











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