Emerging Technology Trends – A Promising Future Lies Ahead
  • Feb 28, 2019
  • Rajdeep kaur
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Emerging Technology Trends – A Promising Future Lies Ahead


Man developed the machines, invent them, create many things which make our life more easy. 

The man has a power to catch 40 instructions at a time but, the computer made by human takes 40,000 instructions at a time. With the incraesing need and demands of modern lifestyle and man, he creates latest technologies. If we talk about 2018, it gives us lot of new technologies, which are only heaven making life.

Lets see the really latest 5 dreams to be come true:

Is 5G really exists?

Yes, it is possible. As we drop out landline connections since years ago, then comes broadband conneections, the 2G, 3G, 4G, and finally now 5G. It is super fastest that is beyond our thinking. This is really a super gift of technology.


When most people think of the electric car, a Tesla comes to mind. But in 2019 the rest of the car makers will wake up and try to made like TESLA. For the transportation, the petrol and diesel plays very important role, but with their shortage, there is difficulty in use to. So, the invention of electric cars is really appreciable and commendable.


Autonomous things exist across five types:

      • Robotics

      • Vehicles

      • Drones

      • Appliances

      • Agents

Those five types occupy four environments: Sea, land, air and digital. 


.A digital twin is a digital representation of the real thing, or we can say that it is a mirror of any real thing or we can say its true reflection in digital way. Its not a new idea but its accomplishment is latest. It proves very benefitial for us, because it helps in so many fields and work styles. 


A smart space is a physical or digital environment in which humans and technology-enabled systems interact in environment.These smart spaces are mostly used in foreign countries, but not very popular in india in present time. The smart space is occupied as computers, as mostly we can see in movies and videos. Its amazing and very new technology.

DRONES: As we can use to video shoot and photography, some of the places are there where we cant go beyond and does not able to shoot properly. The drones are flying cameras, which are controlled with the help of remotes. We can usely see them in marriage video shoots. It can cover all the event very closely. The areas where human is not able to enter, the drones are used to.


Humans are very foody and love to shop anything new. The time availability is very short in competitive world, so to taste a good food, new and latest applications are invented, with the help of which we can able to order the any type of food from our moble phones and delivery is too fast.

Similar with the other things also, any device like laptops, mobiles, cars, bikes, clothes, any home appliance, any daily life need is fulfilled by the online bookings and delivery. Some of the famous and mostly used apps are Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, Uber eats, Swiggy and many more. These are too fast to deliver things. tHE THINGS DELIVERED ARE ALSO AUTHENTIC AND TRUST WORTHY. So we can trust these new technologies and use as a real god gift.

                        So we are able to say that we are really living in 21st century which is full of technologies, new ideas and more precious brains. To work easy, with less efforts, the man can use to put all efforts on only one new idea, and we get with a successful living.

                There are lot of things more than these invented, which are proved that we have " A promising future lies ahead"

Rajdeep kaur