• Mar 3, 2019
  • Simran Kaur
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Effects of Social Media

Social media is the medium of communication and interaction with one another. Where we can maintain long term contact with our beloved ones but on the other hand it is also the cause of huge distance within the peoples not in the way of geographical distance but distance by way of heart to heart connections. Now they does not bother about the meeting with a friend but only used to chat with the friends. Chatting is not a way of communication between the friends now a days but it is only a matter of replying to other friend. Now they are not understanding each other but only gives reply to one another.

The person on social media may not same as he/she is in the real life. He/She can easily pretend to be nice and kind person and can also cheat other person easily. So social media is not showing the real life of enyone. Anyone can make fool of another person easily on social media. The person on chatting may behave differently as he/she behave in the real life. So life in the social media cannot compare with the real life of any person. Now a days many peoples make fake accounts on social sites just to approach to the another person and also use fake pictures.

If anything has negative impact along with that they also have some positive sides. For the growth and development of the students and others, social media is the attractive way. Students are easily attracted by doing something through social media. The way that is used for this creative writing is also through social media. Students can easily give their view points by writing just a blog at home or at any other place. They can use their computers or the convenient way through mobile phones. Viewers also play important part in it. If they are happy with anyone's blog they can like that blog and also participate in that way. So social media is the way through which anyone can show his/her talent eaily on it. Social media opens the door towards the sucess.

The most social app that now a days people have craze about that is Tik Tok app . Many peoples are used to make videos their regularly. Many peoples make also famous through this app, many videos goes viral on it and many songs are going on trending in this. They use their acting skills there and just give lip-sync on the video.

Social media is the best way to advertise the products. The videos on YouTube shows various ad's before starting a video. Many other sites while providing information along with it also show advertisements. The apps which provide online shopping is also another way of showing advertisements. This enhance the sale of a business.

Their are many apps on social media which provide safety of a women. The apps likes I'm Shakati and Nirbhaya are especially for women safety. With just following some directions of apps , the women can inform their families or police about the location in which she feel unsafe. Thus is is another advantage of social media.

Social media also provide varioes online job opportunities to the peoples. They can do part time or can do full time jobs there. They does not need to go anywhere , just they have to sit at home or any other place which they feel comfortable and can do their jobs easily there. Thus social media provide employment to the peoples.

Thus social media plays very important role in everyone's life. Without use of social media now a days no one can imagine their lifes. But everyone should use it in such a way so that it provide advantage to them and they can grow in their lifes.

Simran Kaur