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Education For Revival


Knowledge is considered the third eye of man which gives him insight into all affairs and teaches him how to act in various circumstances. As classical Indian tradition says "Savidyayavimuktaye", "that which liberates is education". Education is an aid in self-fulfillment and not only in the acquisition of objective knowledge. The sense of dignity rises in man when he becomes conscious of his inner spirit and that is the very purpose of education. In India, education always has been a source of illumination, providing the right path in all spheres of life. Moreover, education needs to rebuild a person. It should have the power to make a person to handle difficult situations in life which are really needed to be seen or focused on. Why an educated person or students commit suicide when he/she gets less mark or is failed? What's the purpose of education if it doesn't meaning to life and meaning to individual's life? Education should make a person a human being who will become sensible, matured, caring towards others and so on. The aim of spiritual education is to manifest in our lives the perfection, which is the very nature of our inner self. Education in simple terms should be able to make a man to realize his moral values and duties towards the society.

Real education is that which provides person self-confidence and the vision of right and wrong pertaining to practical aspects of life. Man today is at the peak of civilization. He transformed himself from the cave man of Stone Age to a civilized man who can govern and observe the phenomenon of space and state into the depth of ocean and that of earth. Computer revolutionized the human life and the world has become a village due to globalization. The present century is well known for the scientific discoveries, research and information technology. This developing and progressive period was possible because of education. Hence education is a lifelong and dynamic process.


Purpose of Education


  • Intellectual development education is the most important purpose of education because mind is the basis of reality. Thus a balanced personality can be achieved through balanced intellectual development.

  • Self realization, self knowing, self understanding and self exploration are the other core purposes served in order to maximize positive respect and minimize negative aspects of one's personality, society and nation.

  • Character is value of individual, collective importance which is necessary for a peaceful society and education helps in building this positive character.

  • Education provides knowledge and skill which are important for maintaining life, economic prosperity, social uplift and political stability.

  • Value inculcation is another main purpose served by education like physical, intellectual, moral, economic, spiritual, social and political values.


Revival Brought by Education till now


Education can be considered as an umbrella within which all subjects, all fields can be covered. It’s an ocean with immenseness in all areas, all domains of society. Be it any domain related to culture, spirituality, environmental, political, social, economic etc. There's need of education to revive that particular fragment of our society. We have attained an appreciable growth in our economy after independence and the social barriers have been eliminated to some extent. Be it science and technology or any other field. India has been able to establish its competence to the world but the issue which demands severe attention and action is whether our culture, values, ethics and beliefs been revived in today's generation.



Value Based Revival of Education

Education though has achieved various benchmarks leading to development and progress of the nation but we have to develop such education which help us build ourselves. The sense of dignity rises in man when he becomes conscious of his inner spirit and that is the very purpose of education. It is the transformation of man through moral and spiritual education that will lead him to find the solution for all social evils. Vivekananda, in his plan for the regeneration of India, repeatedly presses the need for the eradication of poverty, unemployment and ignorance. The entire educational programmed should be so planned that it equips the youth to contribute the material progress of the country as well as to maintain the supreme worth of India's spiritual heritage.

Sapinder singh