• Jun 10, 2019
  • Hardeep Singh
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Digital media our unnoticed companion.

Last time you watched a cricket match, who said you to do it? Yeah it is the digital marketing done by the broadcasters who made you intersted in watching it. But if we talk about the adventurous place you visited who actually convinced you to go there? It is again digital marketing, but this time not by the authorities but by your friends when they posted the photographs and videos of that place on their social media accounts.

Nowdays digital marketing is everywhere even if we turn on our TV where we watch the daily life products i.e. cars, bikes, food etc being advertised or social media websites where the adds keep coming according to our interests. Even the political parties are being advertised nowdays as they use different interesting ways to attract the voters i.e. with the help of songs or telling about their achievements on Tv's or social media websites.

Digital marketing is nowdays an important part of everybody's life. So here in this blog I would like divide digital marketing mainly in two parts. 

1. Intentional digital marketing. 

2. Unintentional digital marketing.

Intentional Digital Marketing mainly refers to the marketing which is usually paid marketing done by the authorities and companies to sell their products or services. For example if a film gets released than the promotion team of film give ads on TV, Radio, on social media websites etc. 

Examples of Intentional or paid marketing:-

Online advertising

Social Media Marketing 

TV advertising

Newspaper advertising. 

Banners advertising.

Affiliate marketing

Email marketing etc.

Merits of Intentional Marketing 

  • Can reach to a large audience. 

  • Can be done in limited time.

  • Usually very effective.

  • Instant results etc.

Demerits of Unintentional Marketing

  • Very costly

  • Not always reliable

  • Need a lot of planning.

  • The biggest disadvantage of Paid digital marketing is that it is not always trustworthy as some authorities wrongly advertise their products. For example a company advertise its products to be herbal and people usually believe it without knowing the complete truth which can be harmfull for them. The problem is that the advertising channels and website don't test the reality of the products that they are advertising.

Unintentional Digital Marketing refers to the marketing done by the users, for example if one of your friend went to a trip to Shimla and after returning from there he posted some photographs and videos of that place, which you liked a lot and just because of that now you want to visit that place. So here in this scenario nobody convinced you to go there, nobody paid for the advertising of the place still you get to know about Shimla and want to go there. So this is the maarketing which is unintentionally done by your friend.

Merits of Unintentional Marketing

  • Very effective. 

  • Less costly.

Demerits of Unintentional Marketing 

  • Not reachable to a large audience

  • Time consuming.

  • Doesn't provide instant results. 

  • The biggest disadvantage of this type of marketing is that it has no censorship i.e. some people even advertise drugs and harmfull products on their social media accounts which can impact people and children in a negative way.

I named this blog 'Digital Media our Unnoticed Companion' because nobody actually noticed that everyone's interests nowdays highly depend on digital marketing as they only buy and like the things that are being advertised in a good and intersting way. Either it is a place which we want to visit or some food we want to eat. But it is also our own duty to check the reality and reliability of the products that are being advertised as our future and our precious health depends heavily on this.

Hardeep Singh